16 Resources for Effective Presentations via Web.AppStorm

Giving presentations is a big part of office life, and to do your most awesome work you need to be really great at delivering them.

We recently published an article that tells you what not to do with your PowerPoint designs, and we’ll be publishing much more on making presentations and PowerPoint work in the near future.

In the meantime, our fellow Envato site, Web.AppStorm, recently published a stellar list of resources for making your presentations more effective and beautiful. From the article:

When going through all the effort to get in front of a crowd, you need to ensure that you communicate effectively. In the past decade, the majority of us have most likely had to sit through a bullet point infested presentation that completely failed to keep us engaged. Or worse, awake.

There are many aspects to giving a good presentation and being an engaging public speaker. The good news is that the web is full of good resources that can help us improve in these areas. By now, most presenters are aware that lots of text in your slides is a no-no and knowing your content is priceless. But even that isn’t enough.

Here are a list of resources that can help you take your talk to another level. Enjoy!

Keep Your Audience in Focus – 16 Resources for Effective Presentations

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  1. Ilija Brajkovic on the 23rd September

    Thanks for this great link, I’ll definitely use it next time when I start preparing presentations.


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