5 Online Meeting Planner Software Solutions

If you are looking to quickly organize a meeting with colleagues, or may be meetup with old pals on the weekend, the following web based meeting planner software solutions are worth taking a look at.


NeedtoMeet is a really cool online meeting scheduler and organizer. Create a meeting, send across a link to the attendees, they select the time that suits them and you can see what would be the best time when everyone could attend the meetup. Simple and easy.


Doodle is another quick meeting organizing tool that lets you create polls and share it with friends who can then vote for the times they are likely to be available. It also offers a premium version with more features.


MeetWithAgenda, as the name suggests, lets you create a meeting agenda and invite participants. You can also enter the minutes of the meeting and share it with others using this tool.


Presdo differentiates itself by helping you quickly enter a schedule in informal language. It also integrates with Google Maps and popular Calendar apps.


Last but not the least, TimetoMeet lets everyone specify their availability times and the built-in calendar shows the overlapping time intervals which would help you choose the best time for the meeting.

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  1. Kevin Tomasic on the 28th September

    Another good one is Tungle.me. It integrates easily into other online channels like Facebook and WordPress. It also syncs with your other calendars like Google calendar, iCal, and even Outlook. There’s also mobile apps for the iPhone and Blackberry.

  2. Devesh on the 28th September

    Really great Post. I only know about needtomeet and doodle software. Will Going to check other softwares.
    Thanks for sharing this great Post abhijeet.


  3. Maksymilian Sleziak on the 29th September

    Whats about google schedule?

  4. Iivari Leinonen on the 5th October

    If you’re a designer or a developer and you need to meet up with your client, you can do it online using Adobes “Share my screen” feature that was implemented in CS5. A great way to show mock ups, have realtime conversation and video meetings and so on.

    And all that this requires is an account on Acrobat.com, which is free. And also you have to have CS5 on your machine. 🙂

  5. Usman Sarfraz on the 9th May

    For scheduling and planning a meeting online using screen sharing and video conferencing, consider Banckle Online Meeting http://banckle.com/apps/online-meeting/default.html. It’s a web based online meeting solution and offers a free evaluation trial that lasts for 1 complete year.

  6. Rene The Speaker on the 7th January

    This is a great list of software solutions for meeting planners. Planning a meeting can be chaotic sometimes. That’s why it’s important to keep and organize the meeting from one location so that everyone can be in sync with what’s going on. I would like to suggest one powerful tool meeting planners can use. It’s http://www.anymeeting.com You will find it an awesome addition to your recommendation list.

  7. Babat on the 14th January

    Great article providing very good list of software solutions for meeting planners. In addition to above one can even plan their meetings by deploying on premise web conferencing appliance such as RHUB appliances. Alternatively, one can even use various other online meeting planner tools such as WebEx, gomeetnow, gotomeeting etc. in order to conduct webinars, web meetings, online meetings etc.

  8. Gijs Gompen on the 3rd February

    Great article. I would like to add Select the date to this list. They have a iPhone and Android app and sync with your smartphone’s calander. It’s really easy and you stay on top of your events.

  9. Nick Smith on the 7th September

    We used http://www.converve.com for our event and can highly recommend this for event planners!

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