Have You Upgraded To Windows 7?

While going through the comments on “Which OS Do You Use?”, I found that many of our readers are still stuck with Vista for some reason.

I noticed many of you using Mac and Linux. Both of them are great, no doubt. But Windows 7 Professional isn’t bad either. It has got rave reviews from the tech community, and both XP and Vista users are recommended that they upgrade to it.  But endorsements may not matter all that much, considering that many who did upgrade to Vista when XP was still holding down the fort have had considerable frustrations.  Unlike with Vista, however,  the recommendations this time around are a bit more widespread – and positive.

Some time ago over at Dumb Little Man, I wrote two articles on why you should switch to Windows 7 and check before upgrading. Check them out and then tell us here if you still have a reason to use Vista or XP.

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  1. Jaffa Brown on the 21st June

    Yep. I upgraded a week before offical release. I tried Vista for one week, I really gave it a good go, but gave up on it after 4 days and went back to XP. With windows 7, everything works as it should – it has some nice features, it appears faster than XP. Sometimes, the locking to windows can be annoying (I want to move a window, not lock it silly Win7) – but apart from that, its a good update.

    That is, unless you have to pay for it – in which case, stick with XP.

  2. César Cruz on the 21st June

    For money and compatibility (drivers) reasons I still with Windows Vista. And it works well after all.

    Better than writing why Windows 7 is the best option for you, I’ll suggest to write why do you think Windows Vista is the worst OS for you.

    • Abhijeet Mukherjee on the 21st June

      Cesar, I’m not particularly against Vista. While it was criticized heavily, it kinda worked ok for me. But I upgraded to Windows 7 because it performed better. You mentioned money and compatibility. Money is a valid reason to stay with Vista but when it comes to compatibility of drivers and all, Windows 7 has the edge.

  3. Colin on the 21st June

    From an IT standpoint an environment running Windows 7 Pro and Server 2008 R2 is beautiful. I didn’t know till I did my MCITP certification.

    I would never allow a Vista in my environment. Fortunately any new computers we buy will have Windows 7 Pro and Office 2010 pre-installed on them.

    I’m running Win7 Pro on my work laptop I was able to buy it for myself because the cost would go under the radar. CIO hasn’t approved the cost of upgrading all the workstations and servers.

  4. Diana on the 21st June

    I´m stuck with XP 😛 but I´m going to buy a new computer so I´ll upgrade to 7

  5. Brandon Goodin on the 21st June

    The problems that I had with Vista seemed trivial, but annoying. For example, syncing my Windows mobile phone took a good two hours (whereas, syncing the same phone with Windows XP was plug n play).

    I upgraded to Windows 7 the week it was released, all based on reviews from this and other websites. I’ve had a couple minor issues (computer locking from waking up), but the performance has been great and the little things make working easier and more efficient (the drag to side/top to tile vertical or maximize).

    Working with our IT department, we just recently upgraded our server to Windows Server 2008 R2 and are in the process of upgrading our workstations to Windows 7. I just got back from one of our branch offices. We set them up to work off our TS using Server 2008’s RemoteApp functionality and it’s working beautifully.

  6. I got Windows 7 from the Beta version. Luckily I did not have to use Vista before this, as I was using XP before Windows 7 Beta.

    Then I used Windows 7 RC. Then I got a new laptop, and it came with Vista. At the same time Windows 7 went RTM.

    My laptop (HP DV5 that came with Vista) was VERY slow. I hated it. It booted up very slowly. I got Windows 7 RTM, and installed that on my DV5. The performance went upwards considerably.

    The boot up was faster, and the overall performance was better.

    Now I have A Dell Inspiron 1564 that came with DOS, which I replaced with Windows 7 x64.

    Though, I find XP to be fine too…But not Vista…If I find a machine with vista….(my own or my bro’s) I immediately format it and install 7 on it ….lol

    But that all said, many people spread myths about Vista (about it being absolutely horrible). When Vista came out, the hardware was not enough for Vista. Vista needed more RAM, and most PC’s didn’t have enough of that RAM.

    As time passed, and RAM’s became cheaper, people had more RAM and Vista started to run fine.

    But I still prefer 7 over vista and 7 is definitely an improvement over Vista.

  7. Janet on the 22nd June

    Another Vista fan here. Works great for me and I’m running an older laptop (business class though). I’ll upgrade to Windows 7 eventually, but it’s still early days and I only put the time and money into an OS upgrade when I do a major hardware upgrade (i.e. next laptop).

  8. Ashley Hill on the 22nd June

    I had Vista on my old laptop, and when that had issues I installed XP Pro on this one (hardware issues, not software).

    My parents have 7 and I’ve played around with it a bit, but not enough to really give a stamp of approval. When I build up a desktop I’ll for sure be installing 7 but till then, I’ll stick with my trusty standby.

  9. Cube Dweller on the 22nd June

    After my work computer got a little too bogged down with garbage (2 years of installing/uninstalling test apps) , my IT guy was kind enough to upgrade me to windows 7 (from Vista). It definitely seems smooth and snappy. I never even had problem with Vista really, but 7 still seems a little quicker in some way. The new taskbar is definitely an improvement. I’d recommend it.

  10. JMontes on the 29th December

    I am now upgrading and now first downloading windows 7 upgrade advisor to check it first before putting myself into trouble.


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