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Have You Upgraded To Windows 7?

While going through the comments on “Which OS Do You Use?”, I found that many of our readers are still stuck with Vista for some reason.

I noticed many of you using Mac and Linux. Both of them are great, no doubt. But Windows 7 Professional isn’t bad either. It has got rave reviews from the tech community, and both XP and Vista users are recommended that they upgrade to it.  But endorsements may not matter all that much, considering that many who did upgrade to Vista when XP was still holding down the fort have had considerable frustrations.  Unlike with Vista, however,  the recommendations this time around are a bit more widespread – and positive.

Some time ago over at Dumb Little Man, I wrote two articles on why you should switch to Windows 7 and check before upgrading. Check them out and then tell us here if you still have a reason to use Vista or XP. Click Here to Read Article …