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3 Lessons to Stay Away from Office Politics for Recent Graduates

So you’re new to this thing called the working world, and although you may know the general rules as stipulated in a company handbook, and you know that you should dress well and be on time, you might not know too much about office politics.

No matter how free of politics your office environment may seem, politics is present in every organization. It’s just human nature. When you first start working, it’s hard to get it all figured out, especially since your last experience was being in school — a place that’s pretty much politics-free. Click Here to Read Article …

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Light a Fire! 4 Ways to Inspire Yourself (and Complacent Coworkers)

You know the type…it may even be you.

That certain individual in the workplace who seems to get by on doing the least amount possible. It is frustrating when you’re working harder and they’re getting the same amount of credit. Although rare, it’s painful to attempt to distinguish yourself if everyone is assigned virtually the same job.That being said, in order to grow in your personal workspace and prove your value amidst co-workers and omnipotent bosses, you must actively seek out tasks, projects and ideas.

Armed and Ready

When faced with lazy and defiant co-workers, there is only so much energy that can be expelled into making them tolerable to deal with. Since some of us are extremely ambitious and learn best by doing things independently, we are inspired on our terms. Others require being told and shown. Which is where showcasing your particular earnest for a job yields varying results depending on who you are dealing with.

I’m a firm believer in kids needing to be inspired by someone or something in order to achieve things in life. The same can be said for adults who end up in a work environment that may not be their calling. People generally think well of and enjoy talking about themselves. You can learn immense amounts with active listening. Too many of us can’t wait to spit our next thought out only to have missed the punchline.

After working a number of random jobs, I’ve learned that tapping into another person’s interest is an easy and promising way to gain their trust. Through that connection you are able to find a way to get them more ‘in the game’ at work. Humor, when used correctly (no racist, sexist or grossly foul jokes); food, (ensuring that allergic concerns are addressed); discussing family pets and giving genuine compliments all work towards your success. Lazy workers dispel ‘against the grain’ personality types because they raise the bar for what’s expected at work and while change is a vital part of life, we tend to resist it. Disturb the stagnant water that is workplace politics and be prepared for a ripple effect.
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Dealing With a Difficult Co-Worker 101

Most jobs involve working with other people to some degree or another. I have met some wonderful people through my work. However, like most of us, there have been times where I have worked with people that I have found difficult. The difference with meeting difficult people at work than in other areas of life is that we don’t always get a choice about whether to spend time with that person. So how do we deal with co-workers we find difficult? Here are some of the things that I have found useful.

Set Boundaries

Be clear about how you deserve to be treated and how you want to treat others. Listen to your intuition and if you feel uncomfortable about something, try and address it. You train people how to treat you. Believe in yourself and show people that you know that you are someone worth treating with respect. Not everyone will have your best interests at heart, so look out for yourself and stand up for what you deserve.

If this is a difficult area for you, take one step at a time. Start saying what you really think, rather than trying to please everyone. Step by step, you can learn to set boundaries and be assertive.
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