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Sign and Send Your Documents Anywhere, Anytime with EasySign

If you use an iOS device (iPod touch, iPhone or iPad) for business then it is likely that you come across PDF or Word documents that need to filled in and signed digitally. Sure, you could go to your computer and fill them out that way once you’ve received the documents via email, but that’s not exactly convenient.

With today’s ever-expanding mobile device usage, people are connected a lot more while on the move. It would be great to have an option that would let you fill out and digitally sign documents through your mobile device. There’s no straightforward way to do that on those gadgets.

Until now. Enter EasySign.

EasySign is an application that promises to make filling in and signing documents on an iPhone or iPad a cakewalk. In just a few easy steps, you’re good to send off any document that needs signing.
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What Are Your Must-Read Blogs?

Most of our information these days seems to come directly from the web.  There are “traditional” news sites such as The Guardian and CNN as well as print media that have integrated (or even fully migrated) their print edition with their online presence such as the New York Times or Wired Magazine.

And then there’s blogs.

Blogs can really narrow down things for readers.  They can focus on one specific topic (or one specific mission) and have large readership on a daily basis because of it.  Niche blogs are popping up all over the web, and there seems to be no sign of this stopping anytime soon.  Bloggers are now being touted as journalists as well – something that would have been unheard of perhaps even as recently as a year ago.

Which blogs are on your “must-read” list? What’s on your RSS reader? Do you read a variety of blogs or do you focus on one or two areas of interest?  Let us know in the comments. Click Here to Read Article …

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9 Ways To Improve Your Writing

Does a blank page scare you? It doesn’t matter if it is created by a word processing application, sitting in a typewriter or resting under your pen. Can you fill that void?

Don’t be ashamed if you are nervous. It happens to a lot of people who don’t consider themselves very good writers. The good news is that not a lot of readers are critics. They’re not reading to find fault or grade you on word choice. Unless you are in school.

So let’s work on your writing. The best way to improve it is to write. Just do it. Here are some things to keep in mind that will help: Click Here to Read Article …

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Reads That Lead To Results

“You poor stupid guy, you never can tell what some people will buy.” –The Lorax

Having read The Lorax twice a day for the last few weeks, I can recite it with my eyes closed. Now, no matter where I am, sections just pop out of my mouth. Luckily, the people on the receiving end are friends or family and not during a work presentation. Although it’s the story my two-year old falls asleep to, it actually DOES contain valuable life lessons. This one’s lesson?

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PowerPoint Revolution: 21st Century Design

In a previous article, I reviewed several common PowerPoint designs used in corporate meeting rooms around the world today, and what you can do to improve on them. But now, let’s aim higher. After all, we’re professionals. We should look and act like them, even behind closed conference room doors. It’s time we dragged our presentations into the 21st century. Let the Revolution begin! Click Here to Read Article …

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