What Are Your Must-Read Blogs?

Most of our information these days seems to come directly from the web.  There are “traditional” news sites such as The Guardian and CNN as well as print media that have integrated (or even fully migrated) their print edition with their online presence such as the New York Times or Wired Magazine.

And then there’s blogs.

Blogs can really narrow down things for readers.  They can focus on one specific topic (or one specific mission) and have large readership on a daily basis because of it.  Niche blogs are popping up all over the web, and there seems to be no sign of this stopping anytime soon.  Bloggers are now being touted as journalists as well – something that would have been unheard of perhaps even as recently as a year ago.

Which blogs are on your “must-read” list? What’s on your RSS reader? Do you read a variety of blogs or do you focus on one or two areas of interest?  Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Marc on the 10th June

    I use NetNewsWire for Mac, iPhone and iPad to stay up-to-date with my favorite blogs. My interests vary widely so I try to limit myself to one or two sources per topic.

    My blog roll consists of:
    Various software company blogs for updates, etc.,
    Family and friends’ blogs,
    Several productivity and minimalist blogs (i.e., Stepcase Lifehack, Zen Habits, mnmlist, Minimal Mac, Unclutterer, Work Awesome),
    Daring Fireball,
    Infinite Loop.

    I usually go back and forth about having traditional news sites because they don’t offer full feeds, even though it would be more efficient to follow the day’s and week’s news.

    What are your thoughts?

  2. gillico on the 10th June

    I try to keep up to date on a variety of different topics pertaining to tech and design and news… I follow the sites of design leaders like Khoi Vinh, Jason Santa Maria, Cameron Moll, Jason Kottke, UnderConsideration, David Airey, Design Observer, and Jonathan Snook, tech companies like Apple, Adobe, Facebook and Twitter, UX sites like this one, Solution Watch and UIE Brain Sparks, Web design blogs like 1st Webdesigner, Inkpill, SmashingMag, etc. as well as other sites of personal interest like local news and sports.

    RSS feeds are starting to become secondary to Twitter as my source of information, however… Twitter is such a quick and efficient way to say “Hey, lookit this cool link I found!”

    BTW, I can be found on Twitter @gillico.

  3. Greg on the 10th June

    Humour and Tech are my main categories, the favourites from about 50 are:-

    mactalk.com.au – funny Mac related stuff
    macenstein.com – often funnier Mac related stuff
    abduzeedo.com – great design stuff
    dontshitme.com.au – serious but funny
    juliasegal.tumblr.com – usually funny pictures
    youcoont.wordpress.com – may offend some!

  4. Belinda @Copywrite Matters on the 10th June

    I track a few blogs that are in my industry, particularly Seth Godin and Copyblogger; a few that help me keep on track with my work and life (like this one!); and some that make me laugh like SleepTalkin Man.

    I actively cull my subscriptions now and then forcing me to question what I am getting value from. If I am not reading it, then it’s just taking space up in my life (and hard disk).


  5. Dan on the 10th June

    OK…here are about half of mine…the top half. Where do I find the time?

    For Tech:
    Andy Traub’s Blog

    For Marketing/SEO/Social Media:
    Duct Tape (Small Business Marketing)
    Steinar Knutsen
    Six Pixels
    Outspoken Media
    Think Traffic
    Dishy Mix

    For Life/Work:
    Escape From Cubicle Nation
    Frugal Dad
    Jonathan Fields
    Productive Flouishing
    Tim Ferris

    For Productivity/Simplicity:
    Zen Habits

    • Steinar Knutsen on the 14th June

      Dan – thanks for including my blog in your list. I appreciate it 🙂

    • Andy Traub on the 14th June

      Thanks a ton for the mention. I’m honored.

  6. Dan on the 10th June

    Seth Godin
    The 99 Percent
    Dumb Little Man
    Stepcase Lifehack
    Zen Habits
    The Official Google Blog
    Design Milk
    Smashing Magazine

  7. I agree. Blogs have grown phenomenally and their power have also increased.

    I focus on two type of blogs:

    I read CNET news and engadget for tech news.

    Besides that, a whole range of internet marketing and work online related blogs (including workawesome):

    and the list goes on……


  8. IT Niche on the 11th June

    Thanks for sharing very useful information. This is very helpful for me.

  9. Emile on the 11th June

    Very helpful Indeed.

  10. Nathan Nash on the 11th June

    I have a pretty minimal reading list

    Engadget – Tech
    Kotaku – Videogames
    Mashable – Social Media News
    Huffington Post – World News
    Hacker News – Programming/Web Development/Startup News

  11. David Airey on the 14th June

    Thanks for following my blog, gillico.

    At the top of my list are Creative Review, Identity Forum, and Brand New (and approximately 80 more RSS subscriptions.

  12. mrjuls on the 16th June

    My favorites blogs and websites:



    Self development and life hack:
    Mark and Angel Hack life
    Dumb Little Man
    Ultimate Money Blog

    Funny stuff:
    The High Definite

    D-Lists, Web Designer Wall, collectivesunited.com, tripwire magazine, creativeoverflow, design reviver, Line25, Web Design Ledger, Tutorial9, knowtebook

    Productivity, Work:
    Zen Habits
    Tim Berry’s Blog

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