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Find Your Inner Zen at Work

You may have tasted Nirvana at last night’s yoga class, but by 9 A.M. the next day you’re as tense as ever. If only there was a way to experience that kind of renewal and relaxation throughout the work day.

The good news is that you can. Try these yoga-inspired strategies to help transform your work day into a more positive experience. Click Here to Read Article …

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Is Facebook Productive?

With today’s privacy “simplification” announcement over at Facebook which rolls out to all users over the next few weeks (unless you’ve recently quit…or you may not see if you are going to) , it rekindled an old argument: Is there is any productive merit to the web service?

A lot of users use the site to promote their blogs (WorkAwesome included) as well as to keep touch – and regain contact – with old friends.  This can result in new opportunities and can be effective in keeping communication easy and centralized.  Certainly birthday greetings have become simpler to send (and remember)!

Do you still use Facebook?  If so, for what?  Is it a productivity “suck” or tool? Click Here to Read Article …

What Productivity Software Do You Use?

This week we’ve already looked at what methods you use to get yourself on the pathway to productivity – whether it be paper, software or web-based in nature.  As mentioned, no matter which way you go the options seem endless.  (Yes, even those who use paper have a variety of options to choose from…)

Let’s say you use a software solution.  The website Priacta has listed a ton – an exhaustive list – of productivity software solutions (and another list of web-based solutions as well) to choose from.

So, WorkAwesome readers, which one (if any) do you use…or have you used? Click Here to Read Article …

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Open for Business: Google Wave

Last week, Google announced that its real-time collaborative service Google Wave would now be available to all.  No more waiting for invites.

The question is: Was anyone really waiting for an invite anymore?

Is Google Wave all that it’s cracked up to be?  Is it a productivity “suck” or a productivity enhancer?  If you use Google Wave, what do you use it for?  Will it replace email?  We’d love to hear your feedback on this once highly-touted service. Click Here to Read Article …

The Benefits of Working from Home

Going to work in an office can be stressful and costly for both employee and employer.  Thanks to technology many people have the option of working from home (or off-site at that warm beach somewhere!).  For consultants and freelancers there are obvious reasons why you should work from home (you might not have another choice anyway!) but for full-time employees there are financial and personal advantages to working at least a couple days per week from home.  Not every profession allows for this flexibility but if yours is one of the many that do, here are some benefits to look into for both employer and employee. Click Here to Read Article …

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What Gives You a Real Sense of Completion?

You’re going from start to finish on your task lists.  Projects are winding down nicely and the stuff on the horizon is falling into place nicely.  You are productive – and you’re awesome at being so.  You’re doing things until they are done.

But what gives you a true sense of being done?  Is it crossing things off your to-do list?  Is it going to bed at night (or early morning!) with a clear and rested mind?  What gives the readers of WorkAwesome a real sense of completion? Click Here to Read Article …

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Pac-Man Eats Up Productivity

Last week’s playable Pac-Man game on Google’s home page (permanently playable here, by the way) may have been awesome for those nostalgic about playing the game – the iconic video game turned 30 last week – but it sure did sap the productivity out of the day for most.

A report by software firm Rescue Time (developers of time-tracking software) revealed that nearly 5 million hours of work time was eaten up by the little guy.  Totally awesome in one way, not so much in another.

Admittedly, I played it for a spell once I came across the page.  I was obviously not alone.  How many WorkAwesome readers chased Clyde and the gang around?

UPDATE: The dollar value is in. Whoa. Click Here to Read Article …

The GTD Implementation System

David Allen, the “Godfather of Getting Things Done”, has just released a new product that’s ideal for those who have a basic understanding of the popular methodology.

The GTD Implementation Guide goes through the system in a step-by-step fashion, allowing you to get into things quickly and effectively.  You can check out more on the latest addition to the GTD product line here.

GTD and Getting Things Done are registered trademarks of David Allen & Co. Click Here to Read Article …

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