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Workspace Before + After Competition – Your Last Chance to Enter

Earlier in the week we let you know about the chance to win a set of 200 gorgeous MOO business cards as part of our Workspace Before + After Competition. To enter, all you need to do is give your workspace a bit of TLC, whether that’s by cleaning it from top to bottom, or making it beautiful. Entries close on the 17th of March so make sure to submit your photos as soon as possible.

Lastly, I’ll let you in on a little secret: if you enter, the odds of winning a set of business cards are very, very good!

Workspace Before + After Competition – 200 MOO Business Cards for 5 Winners!

Does your workspace need a lift? Is it messy and cluttered, lacking personality, or have you had the same decorations in the same places since 2005? It’s time for something different!

The WorkAwesome + MOO Workspace Before and After Competition challenges you to give your workspace a makeover. Will you create a sleek minimalist setup? Clean away years of detritus? Give your workspace a theme? Cover your desk with cherished photos? Display your collection of Star Wars action figures? Or will you do something nobody else has ever thought of?

To enter, take a photo of your workspace Before the makeover. Then, create a workspace you truly love. Next, take an After picture to show us the complete transformation. Our five favorite transformations will win 200 crisp new business cards from MOO. Click Here to Read Article …

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6 Reasons to Advertise on WorkAwesome

  1. WorkAwesome attracts an audience of professionals and decision-makers working for respected companies. They’re willing to invest in themselves and their career and purchase tools and services to benefit their company or business. Plus, they are unusually charming and witty.
  2. At $1.95 per 1,000 views, the leaderboard banner at the top of the site (look, up there!) is ready and waiting to begin marketing your product or service.
  3. Because our sidebar has a spot reserved just for your product, and it’s yours for a month.
  4. We will say nice things about you to our 1,100+ Facebook fans, 10,000+ Twitter followers, and thousands of podcast listeners. Shouting from the rooftops costs extra.
  5. You’ll be joining a high-caliber group of past and present advertisers, like Moo.com and MediaTemple.
  6. Because WorkAwesome really is awesome, and needs a little more help to cover its costs.

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Evening Income? A Review of Membership Site Mastermind

(Note: this is an honest, unbiased review and contains no affiliate links.) There’s a notion that people who ‘earn an income online’ are people who work from home every day in their pyjamas – people who have blissfully spurned the outside world of work.

In truth, though, most people earn additional income through freelancing or operating a small business online, but still work a normal full-time job. For some, the goal is to eventually leave full-time work. For others, online income is fun and useful to have, but will never replace the satisfaction they get from their main job.

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Envato’s 2010 Birthday Bundle – $20 For $400 Worth of Value

Happy Birthday to us! It’s Envato’s 4th Birthday, and to celebrate, we’re giving away a Birthday Bundle packed with $400 worth of files for only $20.

The bundle includes four Tuts+ Premium tutorials, a $50 MediaTemple hosting voucher, five blog and website themes, five Flash and Unity3D files, six code packages for CSS, JavaScript, WordPress and PHP, seven motion graphics projects, sixteen PSDs and vector files, three CG models and textures, six royalty-free audio files and a $10 voucher for Rockable Press. When you buy the bundle and open it up for the first time, you’ll be amazed at the value inside.

The bundle is on sale for 5 days, starting now. This is a limited time offer that ends on Tuesday, August 24 at 12:00pm Melbourne, Australia time (check the current time at Envato HQ!). Visit the Birthday Bundle website, purchase the bundle now, or learn more after the jump! Click Here to Read Article …