5 Tips for Managing Your Facebook Privacy

While spending time on Facebook may not be the most productive thing you can do, it can be a valuable tool – when used in moderation.

But have you seen the new Facebook privacy settings? Do you know that if you are not cautious, your personal data could appear in public streams? Follow these privacy tips to remove any doubts you might have.

1. Don’t Add Applications Randomly

Certainly the most important tip if you love spending time on Facebook. There have been instances in the past when certain apps were hacked into and user data was compromised. So, be careful and don’t just add every other Facebook app you come across.

2. Create Lists

Facebook lists are a great way to manage your news feed and your friends. Also, learn how to create friend lists in Facebook chat.

3. Check Privacy Settings Carefully

Sometime ago, Facebook simplified user privacy settings. Check them out. Read this official guide too, to know more about those settings.

4. Protect Your Photos

You must have heard stories of private photos of certain celebrities appearing in public Facebook stream. If you don’t want it to happen with your pictures, make sure you check what’s there for the photos you upload in the privacy settings, and how to customize it.

5. Think Before Sharing

And finally, it’s always good to give a second thought to that status message you are going to enter, or the video you are going to upload. May be, it doesn’t need to be on Facebook.

What do you think? Should we be cautious on Facebook? Or is the whole privacy thing blown out of proportion?

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  1. Andy on the 8th August

    You can have all the security you want, but your biggest danger is one of your friends leaking something of you to the world that you don’t want the world to see. Therefore. trust your friends but just don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your mom to see… ever !!

  2. wrerm on the 13th August

    This is a really nice article. However, the one thing I expected though was recommended apps, even apps you use as well. To give us the reader an idea of what is “good”… not assuming we all do.

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