Awesome Links #38: Focus, Forming Habits and Decision Making

Monk Mind: How to Increase Your Focus
A great article by Leo Babauta of Zen Habits on how we can slowly and steadily increase our focus and keep working on the task at hand until we get it done. Productive work can only be accomplished if one can do it for a specific period of time with laser-sharp focus — and without getting distracted. Developing that focus is essential. Leo explains how to get there.

The Easy Way to Get Chrome’s Pin Tab Feature in Firefox
Chrome’s pin tab feature is an extremely useful one. Not only does it increase screen real estate, it also makes sure that the important tabs are nicely tucked away in the corner and don’t get lost in those large number of tabs you’ve got opened. This article at Guiding Tech tells you how to get that in Firefox.

45-Second De-Stress Tips
De-stressing is something that most of us need to do on a daily basis. Remember: Happy doesn’t always mean stress-free. Take a look at these tips on the Lifehack blog; I particularly liked the first one (read a poem). You’ll have to check out the link to see the others they discuss.

Just a Small Nudge Can Give You the Motivation to Form Better Habits
This is an interesting study by Stanford University on why we tend to procrastinate on essential habits like exercising which we know are so important for our well-being. Posted on Lifehacker, the study suggests some ways to successfully form such habits.

Why Are Easy Decisions So Hard?
This week’s last awesome link is an insightful article at Wired. It delves deep into the human brain to understand why we can sometimes take a lot of time to decide on something that’s fairly trivial, and should be decided within seconds. Check it out (and don’t wait too long to decide to, either).

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