Fellowes 73Ci: How #FellowsInc is leading in Personal Shredder Technology

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The first personal shredder was introduced by Fellowes, Inc. back in 1990 and they have been going at it strong ever since; their recent addition, the Fellowes 73Ci, brings an all new set of features that will have each and every owner delighted with the machine (instead of feeling the stress when it starts acting up like so many other units out there).

The 73Ci hit the market in January 2013 at a suggested retail price of $199.99 which makes it affordable for any office; its sleek design and powerful features will make it a main stay under many desks in offices around the globe.

What makes the 73Ci so good?

Fellowes listened to the market when it came to common complaints about shredders and use their research and development to make one that’s truly deserving for top awards in its category.

Some of the main features that will catch your attention include:

  • A “SafeSense” feature which will automatically power down the unit whenever your hand gets too close to the paper feed (no more worries about nicking the tips of your fingers).
  • A set of blades that can handle up to 12 sheets of paper at a time and other hard items such as CD’s, DVD’s, and staples; the blades shreds each item into 397 particles so you’re sure that no one will be able to piece it back together (keeping your sensitive data out of the hands of nefarious ones).
  • The ability to handle any job without it jamming through innovation with its 100% jam proof system that will back out documents, automatically, if it’s too tough and will even alert you if you’re adding too much at a time through colored lights.

Those are the main features that will most likely be at the top of your list but there’s even more such as an energy saving system so you’re not wasting money when it’s in action (or powered down) and touch screen controls so it’ll fit within the modern design of the office.

The 73Ci is a mover-and-shaker in its category and will be the perfect choice for a personal shredder, no doubt; its innovative features and built-in technology makes for a faster, easier, and safer process that any consumer will come to love.

Which of the features catches your eye the most? Share a comment!

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