Awesome Links #39: Human Nature, Smart Labels, Tumblr Guide

What the Science of Human Nature Can Teach Us
An intriguing article from The New Yorker that talks about the science of human nature and what exactly makes us happy. Turns out that socializing with people is an integral part of the equation.

New in Gmail Labs: Smart Labels
The Gmail team has launched what they call “Smart Labels”, a feature that can automatically organize your incoming emails and put them into appropriate labels. Part of Gmail Labs, this feature could greatly enhance email productivity — if it works as well as it sounds.

Understanding – and Maximizing – Your Brain’s Reward and Planning System
An interesting article over at the Intrinsic Motivation and Magical Unicorns blog at Psychology Today magazine. It gives a deep insight into the brain’s reward system and how you can actually use it to your benefit in order to get motivated and excel at seemingly mundane tasks. Well worth a look.

Get Organized With GTDagenda
The Web Worker Daily blog reviews the productivity software called GTDagenda in this post (as we’ve done before). Some of the features look good to me — though I am yet to give it a shot. The interface isn’t one of the nicest ones, but if you care primarily about function over form then you should check it out.

The Complete Guide to Creating Your First Tumblr Blog
Tumblr is a quick and productive way to get started with blogging. If you’re someone who has been avoiding blogging just because it looks like a lot of work and you don’t have the time for setting it up, you should give Tumblr a shot. This comprehensive step-by-step guide (with screenshots) at the Guiding Tech blog has everything you need to quickly create your first Tumblr blog.

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