Breakfast, Brunch or Bust?

Diversity is a commonly used term in the workplace. We have different jobs, skills, backgrounds, ethnicities and personalities.

Breakfast choices can be just as diverse.  Your own diversity, for example, may be that the weekend is the only time you seem to eat breakfast!

During the work week, however, take a look to see what your office mates are eating first thing in the morning.  You can actually learn a lot about a colleague from their choice of breakfast. How many breakfast types are there? Let’s have a look at the typical menu:

  • Busy Breakfast: Coffee loaded with cream and sugar. Don’t spill any on that power-tie.
  • Health Nut: Granola, whole wheat toast, green tea, side of smugness.
  • Intern Breakfast: Cheetos, day-old bagel, chased with a Red Bull.
  • Scavenger Special: Leftover danishes from the 10am manager’s meeting, communal coffee, side of stolen snack from adjacent neighbor.
  • Belt-Buster: Scrambled eggs, bacon, bagel with cream cheese, topped off with a doughnut and an increased health insurance premium.

Can I take your order?

Peter is Vice President of Digital Marketing at an investment holdings company in Washington DC and Co-Founder at True North.


  1. Eric Granata on the 26th June

    After a long time ritual of eating pop-tarts chased by a 16oz sugar-free energy drink, I have recently stocked a desk drawer up on high-fiber instant oatmeal which I will have with black coffee. Not ideal, but hopefully a step in the right direction.

  2. Damon on the 26th June

    Bowl of nut filled granola topped with strawberry-banana yogurt chased down with a chocolate caramel cappuccino for breakfast, usually skip lunch, and determine something for dinner when my kids finally ask for it.

    My wife and I both work from home, but her schedule isn’t as flexible as mine, so if she gets a break for lunch i usually take one as well if I can. It usually involves a lunch meat sandwich or a healthy choice microwave meal.

  3. Bread with Butter
    Boiled Eggs

  4. Cameron on the 26th June

    First breakfast is either oatmeal (not instant) with fruit, walnuts, molasses, dates, vanilla
    Cold cereal (multigrain) with fruit & protein powder & soy milk
    French toast made with home made, whole, multi-grain bread & real maple syrup
    Multi-grain pancakes

    Second breakfast might be home made yogurt with fruit & gramola or PB & J with raisins

  5. Esteban Carpio on the 28th June

    I am somewhere between the busy and the intern’s breakfast, but now I wish I had a belt-buster this morning, I’m starving!

  6. Roxy Kurze on the 1st July

    My breakfasts would be categorized around the busy breakfast and health nut. I always need my espresso in the morning sans the sugar, cook some egg whites and have some fruit on the side or a create a protein smoothie from scratch (again, no sugar).

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