Awesome Links #19: Email Security Tips, Writing Tips and More

Gmail Security Checklist: Something Everyone Should Know About

The Gmail team recently launched a security checklist which they recommend each Gmail user to go through. I’d recommend that even if you use any other email service (or client), you should go through this. Not only does it suggest email specific security measures, there are suggestions on overall computer and cyber security, on secure browsing and more. Nothing extraordinary, but useful nonetheless.

The Not-Do List: 9 Things You Need To Stop Doing

The title of this article published on the Lifehack blog is a clever one. When it comes to productivity, we usually worry about things we should do and how we should do them. Here, the writer tells you what you should stop doing for better productivity. I particularly liked “being hung up over details” and “trying to please everyone.” I sure can relate to them.

Six Lessons I’ve Learned Since I Started Working for Myself

Robert Green talks about his self-employment experiences in this article (which Lifehacker syndicated from his site). Since a huge number of WorkAwesome readers work from home too, this is a must-read. The writer starts with a realistic point – give yourself lots of time. Working from home sure isn’t easy, and he knows that.

Are You Overworking? 7 Important Steps To Avoid Burnout

The Dumb Little Man blog wants you to check if you are overworking, and gives certain suggestions that could help you avoid a breakdown. If you are a workaholic, the points mentioned in the article are something you should implement…before it’s too late.

7 Tips for an Authentic and Productive Writing Process

If you are a writer struggling with productivity (I’ve had my share of such struggles), this is a must-read article for you. Published at Copyblogger, I personally found the advice extremely useful – write like you talk!

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  1. Azzam on the 24th October

    Never had any security issues whatsoever with my gmail account so will go over and check out this articles just in case I have missed something.


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