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3 Tips for Writing Great Intros

how to write a good introduction

This is the best introduction I’ve ever written.

It’s surprising and unique.

It’s concise.

It doesn’t re-invent the wheel.

And because I’m telling you that these are the traits of a great intro paragraphs, it sets up the discussion.

I’m now ready to flesh out ways to write a great intro for a blog post or other web article. Click Here to Read Article …

How to Make Your Memos More Memorable

Do you want to your writing to be more memorable?

Forget about crafting beautiful prose. Trim your memos, presentations and e-mails with bullet points.

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Awesome Links #19: Email Security Tips, Writing Tips and More

Gmail Security Checklist: Something Everyone Should Know About

The Gmail team recently launched a security checklist which they recommend each Gmail user to go through. I’d recommend that even if you use any other email service (or client), you should go through this. Not only does it suggest email specific security measures, there are suggestions on overall computer and cyber security, on secure browsing and more. Nothing extraordinary, but useful nonetheless. Click Here to Read Article …

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