Top 50 Accessories for a Geek Chic Desk

You spend a lot of time at your desk. Why not furnish it to suit your style?

While cluttering your desk with a ton of stuff is never a good idea, decorating it with the right stuff that keeps you productive and happy is important. Doing so also makes your desk both functional and fun and is a great way to keep your morale up when things aren’t going as awesome at work as you’d like.

1. Ultimate 5-in-1 Geek Pen

To start things off, what desktop doesn’t need a pen. And a stylus. And an LED light. And more. Well, this geeky gadget lets you have all of that.

2. Fisher Space Pen

These come in a variety of shapes and sizes — the bullet style is my personal favorite. Cool and sleek-looking, the geek factor comes in because of the word “space” associated with the pen. That, and the fact that they write underwater. If only we could find paper that survived underwater.

3. Motherboard Pencil Cup

If you’re going to write things down, you might as well have something cool to keep your writing instruments in. This pencil cup fits the bill – and despite the name, you can put pens in it, too.

4. KnockKnock Products

I’m pretty sure I could come up with a ton of this company’s items as items that could stand on their own on this list, but I think that would be considered cheating. The binder clips and door hangers are my personal favorites, but browse through their catalog of products and i’m sure you’ll find some geeky stuff that will make your desk more functional…and fun.

5. Sharpie Liquid Pencil

An innovative new writing implement that becomes permanent after a day. Cheap and geeky.

6. Staples Easy Button

Nothing screams “Geek” than being able to press this button once you’ve seen something through to completion.

7. USB LED Beverage Cooler

Keep your beverage cold while you’re overheating your brain. Not only geeky, but also perhaps a bit lazy. (Still, I’ve got one.)

8. Stress Cupcake

Combines the fun of baked goods with stress relief. What more could you ask for?

9. GeekDesk

Perhaps the ultimate desk accessory for geeks…because it is an actual desk! Adjustable so you can either sit and stand and available in two sizes, this motorized desk is a great starting point on your way to a truly geeky office.

10. Pig Popper

Geeks like to have fun, too. Launch balls across your office with this fun little gadget. Ideal for Angry Birds fans.

11. Angry Birds Plush Toys

My apologies. This is the ideal desk accessory for Angry Birds fans.

12. USB Doomsday Device Hub

Need a new USB hub? Looking for a powerful one? This is the geekiest one I’ve ever come across — and it is “world leader” powerful.

13. Beanbag Cellphone Chair

If you have one in your office (and if you don’t, how come?), why shouldn’t your cellphone?

14. CubeeCraft Figures

Printable and —best of all –free, these desk accessories are available in several different categories. Tons to choose from, including my personal favorite.

15. USB Mini-Shredder

Paper doesn’t stand a chance with this tiny little gadget at your side. As an added bonus, it also functions as a letter opener.

16. Mini Slinky

No matter the size, it’s still such a wonderful toy!

17. The Butt Station Blue Assistant

This little desktop item keeps everything at your fingertips. (Guess where paperclips are stored?)

18. Echo Bot

This desktop gadget lets you record a message that plays every time someone or something passes by it’s singular buggy eye. While the desk is the most likely place you can place this circuited creature, its suction cups allow it to go pretty much anywhere.

19. Designer USB Flash Drives

The folks at Mimobot offer a wide range of USB drives that are sure to make any geek swoon. It’s like those CubeeCraft dolls, but with storage space!

20. Sizzling Bacon Candle

Every geek loves bacon, right? Right?

21. The Eleventh Doctor’s USB 4-Port Hub Station

If you’re up for saving the world instead of destroying it, give this USB hub a go.  Chances are it’ll save you from removing USB device after USB device when you’ve run out of slots on your computer as well.

22. Desk Leg Lamp

The holidays are fast approaching – and what better way to tell your favorite geek how you feel than by giving them this kitschy lamp? If you loved A Christmas Story, you’ll love this lamp. Plus, unlike a Red Rider BB Gun, you can’t “shoot your eye out” with this.

23. Web Mail Notifier

Who needs software to notify you when you have a new piece of mail? This USB-powered device does it for you…with geeky flair!

24. Rubber Bandit Rubber Band Shooting Pen

This pen is indeed mightier than the sword. Okay, well maybe the following sword…

25. USB Lightsaber Lamp

The Force will be with you — and your work — with this lamp.

26. Machine Gun Pen

And this pen trumps both.

27. Red Swingline Stapler

Very geeky. Very cool. Just don’t burn down the office if someone runs off with it, okay?

28. The Glif

While it’s not available yet, this iPhone stand not only mounts to a tripod (for all of those filmmaking geeks out there), but acts as a “kickstand” as well. For now, you can at least watch a video about this Kickstarter-funded gadget and sign up for updates. Maybe you’ll be the first geek on the block to have one adorning your desk!

29. Etch A Sketch iPad Case

A naked iPad is a cold iPad, right? Keep your geek cred alive by sliding it into this retro case.

30. ThinkGeek Bluetooth Retro Handset

No desk is complete without a phone…so you might as well make yours as geeky as possible. This device will do just that.

31. NES Controller Type Card Case

Just because the system itself is old doesn’t mean that the look has to be. Throw some of your cards in this case to give yourself some serious geek appeal.

32. MeatCards

All of your contact information on a slab of meat. What’s not geeky about that? (May not fit inside previously mentioned business card case.)

33. Green Diskette Notebook

More compact than the 5.25 inch size. Remember those? (Apparently, you can still get them if you dig around the site above. More colors available for the 3.5 inch notebook are on hand as well.)

34. Moshi Moshi Handset

Long for those days when you had a phone that actually stayed on your desk? This might be coolest of the geeky accessories featured here. Turn your mobile into a stylish and functional desk phone with one of these handsets.

35. USB Air-Conditioned Shirt

Sitting at your desk all day can make you, er, hot. Cool down with this “unique” shirt.

36. Zombie Mug

Working late? Keep this at your desk for some glow-in-the-dark action…and to remind you that the undead may be lurking just around the corner.

37. Despair Desktoppers

With their “interesting” take on motivational products, Despair has a slew of desk accessories that can increase your desk’s overall geek factor. These desktoppers add just that right touch of de-motivation you may need.

38. USB Mini Vacuum Cleaner

Compressed air can be fun, but this is even funner. (Yes, funner is a word. Apple said so.)

39. Pillow Tie

Unless your desk is huge, you likely can’t fit a regular-sized pillow on it. Problem solved!

40. iPhone Bottle Opener

Use at your own peril — but it’s here if you want it.

41. Posable Desk Sculpture

Unleash the artist in you as you slave away at your desk with this piece of desktop decor.

42. MP3 Retro Speaker

This small speaker packs a punch. If you want to rock out while you work, this geeky gadget is for you.

43. USB Fishquarium

Houses office essentials, such as scissors, pens and more. Oh, and fish.

44. The Amazing Desktop Dinosaur Plant

Everyone needs a little greenery on their desktop. Here’s the geekiest of the bunch.

45. Walking Robot Pencil Sharpener

Because sometimes the closest pencil sharpener to you just isn’t close enough.

46. Mini Business Card File Cabinet

You’ve probably got your contacts stored digitally, but having analog versions of your colleagues business cards isn’t a bad idea. Putting them in this is an even better idea.

47. Scratch & Scroll Mousepad

A multi-purpose mousepad so you can multi-task more and keep your desktop notebook-free.

48. Pocket Microfiber Cloth

Keep it handy — in a desk drawer, perhaps — so you can clean all of your iDevices, laptop screen and glasses.

49. C.H.I.M.P. Rearview Monitor Mirror

Better than a “boss key”. You’ll always know who’s sneaking up behind you with this gadget on your desk.

50. Decision Maker

Last but not least, if you can’t decide what to furnish your desk with, this item is just the gadget you need. Then you can pick up all other 49 items — especially if you ask this thing all the right questions.


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