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Top 50 Accessories for a Geek Chic Desk

You spend a lot of time at your desk. Why not furnish it to suit your style?

While cluttering your desk with a ton of stuff is never a good idea, decorating it with the right stuff that keeps you productive and happy is important. Doing so also makes your desk both functional and fun and is a great way to keep your morale up when things aren’t going as awesome at work as you’d like.

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The Digital Nomad’s Guide to Using Paper Stationery

I’m a digital nomad. I love using computers. I worked as online editor for newspapers. I am so online that my filing cabinets are practically empty.

So going paperless should be a no brainer. Although I don’t hug trees, I don’t mind saving a few. But after looking through my messenger bag, I realize that it’s harder to do when you work out of the home office. If I stay sequestered at home every day without meeting anyone, I can go paperless fairly easily. Once I step out, things get trickier than they do at home, and at least some paper stationery becomes necessary. Click Here to Read Article …