5 Top Web Comics for Adults

Reading web comics on the weekends could be a nice way to freshen up your mind after five days of busy schedule.

This list contains some of my top web comics for adults, especially geek adults. My love for all things tech is reflected in this list too.

1. The Joy Of Tech

The Joy Of Tech is a popular web comic based on pop culture and sarcastic technology jokes. The comic mainly targets Apple products, their culture and the fanboys. It’s usually a hilarious read.

2. Indexed

Indexed is not exactly a web comic. It primarily publishes charts, graphs and diagrams that portray weird, and often sensible but funny statistics. An innovative venture, no doubt.

3. Xkcd

It’d be blasphemous to not include Xkcd in this list, especially when I’ve already said that most of the comics in the list are geared towards tech jokes and satire. And this one doesn’t need an introduction, does it?

4. Dilbert

Dilbert’s online version is something I have to read everyday. It’s too funny to ignore. Office humor at its best.

5. PHD – Piled Higher And Deeper

If you are a student, you’d love PHD or Piled Higher And Deeper. It’s mainly about student life hassles and fun.

What are your favorite comic strips on the web?

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  1. Dan Ryland on the 25th July

    I’ve always liked The Oatmeal’s web comics, especially http://theoatmeal.com/comics/design_hell

  2. Boris on the 25th July

    I really like http://theoatmeal.com/ … it’s hilarious 😀

  3. Thera on the 25th July

    Webcomics.. that’s my biggest bookmarks folder 🙂

    But if i’d have to pick something geek-related:
    http://www.explosm.net/comics/ (today’s comic isn’t that great, but the rest is well worth it)

    And of course all series from http://www.inktank.com (especially the now-finished Angst Technology)

  4. shawngo on the 25th July

    Geek Hero Comic is good too.


  5. crazyideafactory on the 25th July

    Of course I have always loved Dilbert, but I have never seen the Indexed before and I really liked the site. Thanks for the list.
    Oh I also think http://crazyideafactory.com deserves a mention.

  6. Sabrina on the 25th July

    I love http://www.leasticoulddo.com/
    XKCD is up on my top favorite list as well, but I think Least I Could Do is my favorite 😀

  7. Jason Finnerty on the 26th July

    It’s been a bit since they’ve done anything new – think the author is on hiatus at the moment – but they still update daily, and they’re still just as funny!


    got an afternoon that you want to kill – and/or you’ve got any connection to IT support – you’d be hard pressed to find anything better.

  8. Thera on the 26th July

    I almost forgot this one as well:

  9. Robert on the 26th July

    Blaugh Comics.

  10. Oliver on the 27th July

    Ted Goff is one of my favorites:


  11. Nate on the 31st July

    I’ve been following whis series for some years now. It’s awsome. 🙂

    Boris & Dan: I loved http://theoatmeal.com , thanks!

  12. Tizzle on the 13th August

    The Boondocks, has to be on there.

  13. mensha on the 17th September

    i’m new around here but i love being here.. lot comics and things that can make u a lot younger..

  14. Vincent on the 12th November

    http://wulffmorgenthaler.com/strip/ is awesome.

    another random comic I follow is http://davinciballs.com

  15. webcomics on the 18th November

    must add PHD to the thetopwebcomics…

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