WorkAwesome Podcast: Episode 15 – Adam Lisagor

Our guest on this week’s episode of the WorkAwesome podcast is Adam Lisagor. Adam has a lot on the go, including developing iPhone apps (like Birdhouse with Cameron Hunt), being involved in a couple of podcasting projects (You Look Nice Today with Scott Simpson and Merlin Mann) and acting as what some may call as a “reluctant” pitchman for products such as Square and Flipboard.

But what Adam primarily does is make video. Really good video. With clients that include the aforementioned Square and Flipboard, he also has created some great spots for Jawbone’s JAMBOX and Peel. Adam’s videos don’t really feel like commercials, which is what may have led to a steady stream of work over the past few years. WorkAwesome editor Mike Vardy has more of a discussion than an “interview” with Adam about things like workflow, how he keeps on top of all that he has going on, and his particular drink of choice. (Hint: it’s not coffee, tea, or soda…)

Show Notes

  • WorkAwesome Productivity Tip: Don’t take yourself so seriously. Take breaks, breathe and have fun. That’ll lead to better work and a better life.
  • Adam discusses his workflow, including what he tells clients about his work habits from the onset.
  • How he ended up becoming a pitchman and why he’s still doing it.
  • What types of companies that he likes to work with…and why.
  • Why he really doesn’t use any productivity tools.
  • What tools he does use as part of his workflow.
  • Why he worships email.
  • What’s the deal with You Look Nice Today?
  • …and Adam discusses his favorite drink, what he listens to and whether he stands or sits while working — along with much more.

This Week’s Sponsor

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  1. Skellie on the 10th March

    Loved this episode 🙂

    • Mike Vardy on the 10th March

      Thanks — it was fun to chat with Adam and great to hear the concepts of how a creative like him deals with work. There’s more to come with folks like him…so stay tuned!

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