Chrome Time Track: Tracking Time on Multiple Projects Simple

If you aren’t a fan of complex time tracking tools that require you to spend time first in order to understand how to use them, then you might want to try out this cool Chrome extension called Chrome Time Track.

Released just a couple of weeks ago, it has already struck a chord with a lot of those who are productivity-oriented. The best thing about this tool is its simplicity. The interface is clean, and using it is super-easy. Just add tasks and start the corresponding timers. Each of those timers can be paused or stopped at will. The timers run peacefully in the background and you can check them when you like.

Chrome Time Track also keeps the timers until you delete them. So that means you can compare the time taken to complete a task today with that of three days back.

Chrome Time Track: Google Chrome Extension

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  1. Vaine on the 26th December

    What a useful extension! Downloaded and starting to use it now!

  2. Work From Home Ideas Guy on the 26th December

    Thanks for the heads-up! Since I am using Chrome exclusively these days, this new extension will be perfect. I’ve been using eggtimer, but it will be much easier to simply track time within the browser.

    Best to you …

  3. Randy_ShoppingBasketsPlus on the 28th December

    What a simple, elegant solution for tracking basic projects. Was able to start using it within minutes of learning about Time Track from your post. Thanks.

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