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Smart Goals: Put Objectives in Writing for Better Goal Setting

It seems like a silly exercise at first.

Of course, you know that your goal is to be successful. However, what does success actually mean?  Most people don’t know how to set goals. Less than half of today’s corporate workers could answer that question with what their specific personal and professional goals are.  Try it for yourself. Write down five specific goals you wish to accomplish over the next month. Then write down five goals you wish to accomplish over the next year. What about what you plan to accomplish over the next five years? Do all your goals align with one another?
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WorkAwesome: The Best of 2010

It’s been a great 2010 at WorkAwesome. We’ve discussed everything from how to be more productive (no matter the time of day or situation), how to balance work with home life and offered ways to help you land that job you’ve been working toward. As 2010 comes to a close, we’d like to highlight some of the best posts WorkAwesome had to offer this year. Click Here to Read Article …

Getting Rid of Cellphone Addiction: Some Useful Tips

Not a day goes by when I don’t scold my younger brother for being glued to his cellphone all day. College kids, I tell you.

But it’s not only him. I have seen people, irrespective of their age and location, stuck on their phones even when they don’t need to be. It’s like the mobile phone is their only focus for most of their 24 hours. Sound familiar?
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How to Stay Focused, Effective and Stress-Free


Until recently I was going in to the office to work Monday to Friday, 9 to 5. But over the past few months for a variety of reasons, I’ve slowly cut back my in-office time and now I pretty much only work from home. There are a lot of benefits to this, such as working in my pajamas, making hot lunches and more time with my wife — who also works from home. There are also a lot of challenges including household distractions, a flexibility that leads to procrastination, and household chores and errands somehow manage to take up more of the day than they used to.
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What is The Domino Project?

If you don’t know much about Seth Godin but you’re interested in learning more about his revolutionary ideas, you should sign up to the newsletter from The Domino Project. Named after the domino effect – one little push sets a chain reaction in motion – this project is quickly becoming known as a brilliant concept in the publishing world. Low cost, high value ideas quickly shared with the influencers in any particular field.
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What to Do With Your Delicious Bookmarks

Delicious is leaving a bad taste in Web surfers’ mouths by announcing it may not be around for much longer. Yahoo, which owns it, is looking to sell or shut down Delicious.

Avid Delicious users are in a panic at the thought of not being able to access their bookmarks. Luckily, there is a way to export Delicious bookmarks.
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How to Feel Better in the Wintertime

During the winter, it can feel like the forces of nature are conspiring to keep you from going anywhere or doing anything. Just getting to work can feel like an epic battle. With winter upon us, the increasing darkness and freezing temperatures can feel downright oppressive at times, and it can be tough to stay energized and motivated.
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Awesome Links #28: Gift Ideas, Mac Automation Guide, Surviving Holidays

The final Awesome Links of the year brings some links that offer gift ideas (for those of you who’ve yet to pick up gifts for the holidays), a guide to automate your Mac – whether it’s something you received as a present or have had for some time – and how to get through this especially stressful time of year.
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5 Ways to Eliminate Home Office Distractions

There are many distractions that you face while working from a home office. These distractions can include social networking, housework, children, and plain old-fashioned unaccountability. All of the above distractions can make it difficult to perform your necessary tasks effectively and in the time required by your deadlines.  The funny thing about working from home is the benefits that come from your home office are most often the very things that bring distraction to your work. They become the downfalls that drive you back to a corporate setting.
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Chrome Time Track: Tracking Time on Multiple Projects Simple

If you aren’t a fan of complex time tracking tools that require you to spend time first in order to understand how to use them, then you might want to try out this cool Chrome extension called Chrome Time Track.
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Season’s Greetings from WorkAwesome

Just a quick post to wish all of our readers, listeners and contributors a very happy holiday season. Thanks to all of you for making this past year such a fantastic experience and here’s to an awesome year ahead.

We’ve had a pretty amazing year and are primed and ready for 2011. We hope your year has been awesome in all aspects of your work and life. Now’s the time of year to look back, reflect and give thanks — as well as to look ahead to what the future will bring.

Enjoy the season — make it awesome!


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Does Your Office Kitchen Make You Scream?

Messy kitchen

We have a sign posted above the sink in our office kitchen. It reads:

WANTED: DISHWASHERS! Former dishwasher has dishpan hands. Please take a few moments and do your own dishes. Thank you!

And underneath that sign is a sink full of dirty, smelly dishes.
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