ProjeLead: Another Contender in the Project Management Software Market

Project management software has become a more integral tool for businesses in recent years, and another contender has come to our attention in recent weeks: ProjeLead.

ProjeLead touts itself as:

“…a simple open source tool that will make project managers focus more on their project than on their project management tool.”

Originally created to meet the internal needs of our project managers and consultants, ProjeLead has been offered as a free download since early 2009 under an Open Source license. The response from its user base has been quite positive and while we’re yet to give it a full review, they are gaining traction in what is a very crowded space.

While we’ve heard this from other software solutions in the marketplace, we’ve yet to really see a tiered open source solution. ProjeLead has two tiers: Standard and Enterprise. You can check out the features that each version has to offer below.

ProjeLead’s Standard version is a free download, and you can get started with it here.

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  1. John on the 14th April

    tried the standard (free) version, really not bad!

    I like
    – the features
    – the ease of installation and use
    – the price (free)

    I don’t like:
    – french is the default language so you need to switch it to english

  2. Mary on the 5th July

    I ahve tried it as well and it seems to me that it is similar to Comindware task management system which I am currently using it

  3. Himali on the 19th April

    You can also try out Brightpod, a project management app specifically for marketing teams. Includes readymade workflows & a whole bunch of collaboration features

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