Top Productivity App Wunderlist Available Today for Android

We’ve covered Wunderlist before at WorkAwesome; it’s a truly elegant and simple productivity app available on multiple platforms. Today its developer, 6Wunderkinder, made a major announcement: today it is launching Wunderlist on its newest platform…Android. What is truly amazing about this release is that it only took 4 weeks for them to port Wunderlist to Android, thanks to Appcelerator’s Titanium platform.

Wunderlist has made a hugh splash in the productivity space over the past few months, most recently with the release of Wunderlist HD on the iPad. The app has proved so popular that it has been downloaded over one million times across all platforms and has had over 6 million tasks logged in the process. That’s an impressive feat considering how many productivity apps there are in the marketplace.

6Wunderkinder attests that this porting to Android couldn’t have happened so quickly without a significant head-start with how they developed Wunderlist from the onset. That head-start is a result of building Wunderlist from the ground up using Appcelerator’s Titanium platform.  “Time-to-market is critical for us, and Titanium lets developers write mobile apps for multiple platforms from one code-base. We were able to publish Wunderlist to iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, and Mac while reusing 90% of the base code. That’s an enormous cost and time savings compared to building each app in a separate language, not to mention the time-to-market advantage this has given us,” noted Christian Reber, CEO of 6Wunderkinder.

The simplicity of Wunderlist (along with its pleasant-looking user interface) has been one of the factors that has driven the app to the top of the App Store charts in the productivity category. The learning curve is minimal, and now Android users will have all of that in their platform — a platform that is not nearly as crowded with productivity apps than the other platforms Wunderlist has been developed for.

“To create such a great user experience we had to tap into all the native features of the phone,” said Sebastian Kreutzberger, CTO of 6Wunderkinder. “Appcelerator’s Titanium platform let us integrate things like push notifications and native UI controls so that it really looks and feels like a native app.”

Today’s release of Wunderlist for Android allows users to do pretty much everything that the iOS versions of the app allow, with the exception of being able to invite and manage others to your lists and tasks. That feature will be added to the Android edition at a later date.

One of the other benefits of working with Appcelerator’s Titanium is that it enables Wunderlist to automatically sync to the cloud. The cloud is becoming more and more important as people are not just being productive at their desks, but on the go as well. Multiple devices for productivity make the cloud a huge asset to those who are trying to keep on top of things. Wunderlist allows you to keep things locally and in the cloud — and does this seamlessly and easily.

“As Wunderlist shows, you can have a balanced approach where you’re using the best of the device and the best of what the cloud offers for the optimal customer experience,” says Scott Schwarzhoff, VP of marketing at Appcelerator.

Wunderlist is available for free as a Windows and Mac desktop application, and is also available for iPhone, iPad and (now) Android platform,. But 6Wunderkinder isn’t about to slow down;  there are plans for a web app in the works.

Interested in giving the new Android version of Wunderlist a spin? Head over to 6wunderkinder to check it out.


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  1. Brady on the 9th March

    Thank you for the article, but I believe the download link is broken.

    • Mike Vardy on the 9th March


      I checked it out and it looks as if they still haven’t posted the Android download up yet, so it redirected back to us. This is “hot off the presses”, so give them some time and it’ll be up. I’ve changed the link so it just goes directly to the Wunderlist main page. I’ll update it once the link is confirmed as live.

      Thanks for the comment – and for letting us know!

  2. Mariusz on the 9th March

    Their site says “Coming soon” and it’s not available in the Market yet. Meh, too bad.

    • Mike Vardy on the 9th March

      Just received an email that they’re working on getting the link up shortly…we’ll fire an update over on Twitter when we see that it’s live.

      Thanks for the comment, Mariusz!

  3. Shrés Mahesh on the 9th March

    The most awaited app for Android has finally arrived, but it is not listed in Android Market nor I can search and find. However I managed to find one from but I am unable to download app in HTC Desire HD. It has Android 2.2.1

    • Mike Vardy on the 9th March


      Thanks for the comment…we’ve received word (as has anyone clicking on the link) that they have had some problems with the launch. They are working to fix it and will get word to us when it’s up and running.

  4. Mike Vardy on the 9th March

    Just received word that Wunderlist for Android is now available and in the Marketplace. Enjoy – and thanks for your patience!

  5. otomo on the 9th March

    Hmmm, as much as I was looking forward to the Wunderlist App for Android I am slightly dissapointed.

    The responsiveness of the app is seriously lacking. And then there is the 9MB space the app takes on the phones memory, without offering App2SD. Maybe these things are the drawbacks of a platform like Appcelerator?

  6. otomo on the 9th March

    I forgot to say: 9MB for a minimalistic Todo App is insane!!!

    • PO-COM on the 9th March

      I used Titanium for a couple iPhone game guide apps – and, I admit I was surprised by the overhead – 9MB sounds like it is almost all due to using Appcelerator’s kit. My app had about 12MB of imagery (which is a lot, already), and came out to 22MB decompressed on the device after download. It allows for faster development in many ways, but still not as watertight as developing in the platform’s native language, IMHO. However, they seem to be making good use of it’s advantages.

  7. otomo on the 10th March

    @PO-COM: While 9MB or 22MB might be a reasonable size on an ios device where you have all memory available for the apps its an overkill on Android where only the phone memory can be used as app space as long as the developer does not explicitly support app2sd (Android term of moving apps to the SD memory).

    My HTC Desire has a 4GB SD Card but only 128 MB phone memory of which some is already used by default Android and HTC Apps, some of them even uninstallable. So, everything bigger than 5MB leaves a serious footprint.

    The app also feels very slow. Adding a task takes to much time. Still a long way to go for the Wunderkinders.

  8. Mike on the 21st May

    Another useful productivity app is SPLISTER: It uses voice recogntion to create Calendar reminders, Lists & Notes. It has the ability to share your lists via email or bluetooth, fast in-place editing,drag and drop support & sorting of your list items, list grouping, a fast comprehensive search & a fully functional calendar with repeating reminders and snooze, and manual adding and editing of lists and reminders. Check it out!

  9. david on the 7th August

    Hey Guys!
    Nice list thanks for sharing… Would like to add Future Scheduler app (paid) for Android this helps you in scheduling text messages, emails, status update and phone calls.
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