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The To-Do List: You’re Doing It Wrong. Here are 5 Alternatives

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I cannot tell you how many times I have scuttled a to-do list in a failed attempt to get more done.

The to-do list seems like such a necessary element of an efficient work day. Nearly everyone I know keeps a list of some sort, and those who don’t wish they did because it’s so hard to remember all that needs to be done. My heart’s in the right place, but still I constantly fail at maintaining a standard to-do list.

Am I doing something wrong? Maybe not. Click Here to Read Article …

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Top Productivity App Wunderlist Available Today for Android

We’ve covered Wunderlist before at WorkAwesome; it’s a truly elegant and simple productivity app available on multiple platforms. Today its developer, 6Wunderkinder, made a major announcement: today it is launching Wunderlist on its newest platform…Android. What is truly amazing about this release is that it only took 4 weeks for them to port Wunderlist to Android, thanks to Appcelerator’s Titanium platform.

Wunderlist has made a hugh splash in the productivity space over the past few months, most recently with the release of Wunderlist HD on the iPad. The app has proved so popular that it has been downloaded over one million times across all platforms and has had over 6 million tasks logged in the process. That’s an impressive feat considering how many productivity apps there are in the marketplace.

6Wunderkinder attests that this porting to Android couldn’t have happened so quickly without a significant head-start with how they developed Wunderlist from the onset. That head-start is a result of building Wunderlist from the ground up using Appcelerator’s Titanium platform.  “Time-to-market is critical for us, and Titanium lets developers write mobile apps for multiple platforms from one code-base. We were able to publish Wunderlist to iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, and Mac while reusing 90% of the base code. That’s an enormous cost and time savings compared to building each app in a separate language, not to mention the time-to-market advantage this has given us,” noted Christian Reber, CEO of 6Wunderkinder.
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Taking Control of Your Task List

If you are anything like me you have a task list. Task lists come in many shapes and sizes. You might keep your list in Outlook’s To-Do bar or you might write it in a pocket sized notebook. Your list might be short and sweet. Or it may be a monstrous collection of things to do. Regardless of what your list looks like, it should have one primary purpose for its existence. Your task list is there to help you get things done.
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How to Be More Productive During Air Travel

I used to love flying. It was an exciting adventure.

Now security-induced lines and weather delays have turned air travel into a nightmare.

But still anytime someone else does the driving, I’m basically happy. It gives me a chance to read or do some work. With a little bit of planning, my airplane seat becomes a mobile office. A bit cramped — but I can still gets things done. Click Here to Read Article …

11 Productivity Tools for Road Warriors and Telecommuters

I love working from home.  I don’t miss the commute or the distractions from coworkers. It’s a pretty good gig.

But at least once a week, I take this show on the road. I have a meeting in town and then need to find a place to set up shop nearby afterward to get some work done.  While I considered renting some co-working space, I decided to go to public spaces instead. You could say I was too cheap to pay rent. But the numbers didn’t work for me.

What does work for me is free public wifi. I have some options around town that give me the ability to set up a mobile office. It’s not perfect, but it works well enough. Like other road warriors and telecommuters, I keep a few key productivity tools in my arsenal to get things done: Click Here to Read Article …

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