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Review: Minus- Quickly and Productively Share Files Online

If you’ve got a huge number of photos to share, there are services like Flickr or Facebook Photos which help you upload, organize and create albums — then share them easily. But what if you want to quickly share a picture or two, and don’t want to go through all the steps involved in sharing photos through a full-fledged photo sharing tool? Similarly, what if you want to instantly share a document or video without wasting time? That’s where services like Minus come in handy.

Minus (or Min.us) is a super simple online file sharing tool that boasts a clutter-free interface and lets you share photos, music, documents and videos in seconds. Let’s check out how to use this service, and what features it offers. Click Here to Read Article …

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DropMocks is the Best Online Image Sharing Tool Ever

I’m sure each one of you has had to share images online. There are umpteen ways to do that. Quickly attach it to an email and send, use a free image hosting site, use Flickr or Facebook….a lot of such methods exist. But none are as fast — and as good — as DropMocks.
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