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(Infographic) What Makes a Successful Manager?

One in every 3 Americans want to leave his or her job, while 31% claim their boss makes them feel under-appreciated, and unmotivated. Overall workplace morale is low in the US. Knowing this, business owners must make a valiant effort to ensure that both themselves and their hired managers are investing their time into building up their team.

Effective management is not only important to business owners, but to employees too. Indeed, only 35% of Americans claim that they’d prefer pay raise over a better boss.

That said, managing people is certainly not for everyone. It takes an individual willing to take the time to each employee’s needs, strengths, and weakness in order to maintain a healthy, productive work environment.

Pepperdine University’s MBA Online took a look at various employee satisfaction surveys to determine which overarching characteristics make employees more satisfied and productive.

And while the term “success” is a measurement that differs among a wide range of opinions, the idea is that a self-fulfilled employee is a motivated employee, thus crediting the manager as a successful one.

Key Characteristics of Successful Managers:

  • Natural Talent
  • Interest In Helping People and Finding Solutions
  • Trust And A Good Reputation
  • Diplomacy
  • Shows Respect and Maintains Open Communication

Do you agree with their list? Find out more in the infographic below, and then share your opinions with us in the comments!


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