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Are You on the Right Sleep Schedule?

sleep schedule

How common is it for people who run their own businesses to sacrifice sleep?

Do a lot of us get three or four hours a night?

Have you ever pulled a full all-nighter, and it wasn’t for a chemistry exam back in college?

Getting that exalted eight hours is something I’m here to recommend. And yet …

Here are some bright-eyed and bushy-tailed thoughts on some alternatives to a traditional night of sleep for those of us who either have too much to do or who just have a hard time operating on a traditional timer. Click Here to Read Article …

3 Underrated Productivity Improvement Tools

All things equal, why are we able to focus some days better than others? Howcome we see a productivity improvement at certain times only?

It doesn’t make sense. You’re not being distracted and you’re trying to be productive, but your mind is simply cloudy. The conventional productivity tips aren’t working and you’re getting frustrated. Lucky for you, there is an answer.

Could there be more to productivity than writing a list and executing it? Could there be some indirect factors that have a much greater effect on our ability to focus on tasks than we realize? Click Here to Read Article …

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How a Notepad Can Let You Sleep Better

I’m told I worry too much, which does worry me. I mean, why can’t I stop worrying?  So I try to come up with practical ways of taking it easy on the worry front and one of the best solutions I’ve found is to transcribe my worrying to a notepad. I really like my notepads and I even leave one by my bedside.
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