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5 Ways to Eliminate Home Office Distractions

There are many distractions that you face while working from a home office. These distractions can include social networking, housework, children, and plain old-fashioned unaccountability. All of the above distractions can make it difficult to perform your necessary tasks effectively and in the time required by your deadlines.  The funny thing about working from home is the benefits that come from your home office are most often the very things that bring distraction to your work. They become the downfalls that drive you back to a corporate setting.
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Chrome Time Track: Tracking Time on Multiple Projects Simple

If you aren’t a fan of complex time tracking tools that require you to spend time first in order to understand how to use them, then you might want to try out this cool Chrome extension called Chrome Time Track.
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Season’s Greetings from WorkAwesome

Just a quick post to wish all of our readers, listeners and contributors a very happy holiday season. Thanks to all of you for making this past year such a fantastic experience and here’s to an awesome year ahead.

We’ve had a pretty amazing year and are primed and ready for 2011. We hope your year has been awesome in all aspects of your work and life. Now’s the time of year to look back, reflect and give thanks — as well as to look ahead to what the future will bring.

Enjoy the season — make it awesome!


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Does Your Office Kitchen Make You Scream?

We have a sign posted above the sink in our office kitchen. It reads:

WANTED: DISHWASHERS! Former dishwasher has dishpan hands. Please take a few moments and do your own dishes. Thank you!

And underneath that sign is a sink full of dirty, smelly dishes.
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How a Notepad Can Let You Sleep Better

I’m told I worry too much, which does worry me. I mean, why can’t I stop worrying?  So I try to come up with practical ways of taking it easy on the worry front and one of the best solutions I’ve found is to transcribe my worrying to a notepad. I really like my notepads and I even leave one by my bedside.
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Exclusive Holiday Giveaway: 52 Weeks to Awesome

It’s time for our second holiday giveaway, this one offered up by The Connection Revolution. It’s a slot in their upcoming 52 Weeks
to Awesome

This course is going to last for — you guessed it — 52 weeks and each participant will take baby steps on a week-by-week basis to a more awesome life. Pace and Kyeli (the forces behind The Connection Revolution) have put together this comprehensive and yet accessible course that aims to bring more awesomeness into the world…one person at a time. Click Here to Read Article …

The Netsetter: My Favorite Keyword Research Tools, Part 1

You don’t need fancy tools to find good keywords. I can and have done all of my keyword research at times with nothing but the good old Google AdWords Keyword Tool and a couple of free browser extensions. That said, there are a few industrial strength keyword discovery and analysis tools that allow you to process thousands of keywords in the time it would take to review dozens by hand. We’re going to look at the first two of the half dozen tools I use on a daily basis.
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Keyboard Cleaning Tips

Have you ever looked at your keyboard? I mean…really looked closely at it? Dirty keys and stuff stuck between them? Gross.

When was the last time it was cleaned? Maybe never? Whether your answer is “never” or “not since forever”, you should clean your keyboard regularly — and here are some keyboard cleaning tips on how to do it both effectively and safely.
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