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How to Increase Employee Motivation: Lessons From ‘The Office’


Do you remember that episode of “The Office” where Robert California tells Andy Bernard that he, as manager, needs to do whatever is necessary to double the sales? In typical “Nard Dog” fashion, Andy creates an employee motivation program to boost office morale and productivity.

Not surprisingly, none of the workers are motivated by his rewards (mostly stuffed animals and trinkets) so, also in typical Nard Dog fashion, in a moment of panic he declares he will get a tattoo on his rear end as his “bottom line” incentive if the team produces results. It takes them one afternoon.

While “The Office” has oh-so-many things to teach us, for our purposes today the lesson is simple: finding the right employee motivation can be pretty powerful in spurring a team towards a goal. All you need is that great prize to get your people pushing themselves (as opposed to you dragging them) across the finish line and moving your business forward as a result. Click Here to Read Article …

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