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Slow Down for the Holidays

The holiday’s are fast upon us. October and Thanksgiving have come and gone, and this week is perhaps the most hectic of the year for most of us..

We are all very busy with our careers, families and the inevitable shopping madness the holidays have become. As web professionals, we need to maintain a balance and continue the upkeep of the many outlets we are involved with.

Oh and did I mention – enjoy the holidays?
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Don’t Be A Walrus: Why You Should Stand Out

There are many pitfalls in business. This article isn’t about the weak financials, poor sales or lack of marketing. It’s more about finding yourself and where you are leading your company.

The other night, I was watching a segment on the mighty Walrus broadcasting on the Discovery channel.  I watched as groups of walrus floated along the shore flopping all over each other. Tusks stabbing at their neighbors as they pushed and shoved around trying to find a place to rest. Huge fat bodies just lying all over one another – none of them really getting to a comfortable spot.
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