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Improve Your Body Language: Give the Right Impression

What is the first noticeable thing about a person? Their body language.

I have often been told that I come across as a warm, welcoming person. And probably that is the reason so far I have never failed in any interview! But I can tell you showing yourself as a poised and polite person is very easy.

As a child I had a very loud, strong voice. So much so that in my school I was nick named as ‘Buland Aawaz’ (“loud, motivating voice”). It worked well in speeches and debates but at a more personal level, I soon realized I was being taken as a dominating person. When a friend pointed that out, I readily agreed to improve upon it.

First thing I did was to lower my tone while talking to people in person. With deliberate and conscious efforts, I could easily reach a level where I would keep my baritone at a pleasant level. This also taught me the importance of body language. Click Here to Read Article …

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