6 Effective Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Generating traffic to your website is an evolving endeavour; it never stops and requires constant attention. Thankfully, there are various proven techniques and ways to drive web traffic.

6 Ways You Can Drive Web Traffic

  1. Relevant Quality Content: The content you post must be relevant to the target audience. Some websites focus on the quantity of the material focusing on the mantra that the more is always better. Quality content is what will drive and keep your readers on your website. Constantly evaluate the objective and compare the content of your website to the relevance of your goals.
  2. Website Layout and Organization: The way your website is structured and organized is an important element of attracting and driving traffic to your website. The user experience has to be seamless and information must be easily available.
  3. Optimize Your Content for Search Engines: Search Engine Optimization is a critical element of driving web traffic. This includes the use of keywords, tags and implementing effective content structure.
  4. Improve Your Web Presence: Your website should be the primary hub for all content that you produce. On the other hand, sharing and contributing your material to other relevant websites can boost your web presence and help drive traffic.There are various online resources that you can leverage to contribute your articles to such as EzineArticles, WorkAwesome, GoArticles, SlashDot and many others. Be sure to include the links back and try to minimize self-referent material as it would appear as pure advertising. In contrast, contribute pertinent material with a link to your website at the end.
  5. Join Applicable Forums: Joining and participating in forums relevant to your website theme is another solid way to drive web traffic. Feedback and comments that you submit to these forums will help you build credibility in online world, which ultimately will lead to increased traffic.If you are an expert in particular field, ensure to help others by answering there questions, post your own questions and polls to gather valuable feedback. People refer to forums for advice and feedback from like-minded users, and it is a resourceful tool for your as a website owner to gain insight into what the users are discussing and reading.
  6. Explore Non-Standard Marketing Options: Non-standard marketing option is the use of an advertising channel that is different from your traditional ways of advertising such as email marketing, flyers, brochures etc.For instance, creating a video of a relevant element of your material and posting to YouTube is a great way to explore the audience that would normally watch videos rather than read articles. Podcasting and hosting webinars is another solid solution to help you drive new traffic to your website. Podcasts and webinars let you present your expertise in engaging and more creative manner where users have the ability to visualize your content and interact with one another.
  7. Bonus Tip – Social Media: For the majority of Internet users, Social Media is a communication medium to connect with friends and family. In contrast, entrepreneurs can capitalize on this free and very effective channel to drive traffic to your website. There are certain practices and guidelines that you should review prior to engaging in Social Media marketing.

The steps are just the basic and most common ways to drive web traffic. Creativity and persistence will pay off in the long run. As an entrepreneur, it is important to properly plan and execute your marketing strategy.

What are you best ways to drive web traffic? Share your tips.

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Jahn I. Bek is a Co-Founder of Moomkin.com: a Success Incubator that allows Entrepreneurs and Business Professionals share their success stories through candid interviews. Moomkin.com is an online Community for Entrepreneurs and Young Professionals with a goal to contribute, share and leverage the experience of successful companies.


  1. Satvik Jagannath on the 17th September

    Good tips!
    Just 1 tweak –
    “You said 6 TIPS and you have posted 7!!”

    Thank you! 🙂

  2. Satvik Jagannath on the 17th September

    I meant you said 6 ways to drive traffic, but, you have given 7 methods to do the same! 🙂

    • Pooja Lohana on the 17th September

      Thanks for pointing out Satvik!


    • Jahn Bek on the 19th September

      Satvik – the last one was a bonus 😉

      Thanks for reading!

    • Satvik Jagannath on the 21st September

      Ha ha! Nice one!! A true BONUS!

  3. Adam Haworth on the 17th September

    I still don’t know about forums, in some case they are great for good quality traffic but in others they are just time wasters and will never be the traffic your looking for.

    I have been doing some marketing through forums and its been going well, but I have seen huge spikes in traffic but most if which are passers from forums.

    • Jahn Bek on the 19th September


      Good point, the traffic does increase from other forums, but the trick is to get these visitors to come back and I think that is where the content quality and relevance come into play. Participating and contributing to forums is an involving task and takes time but it works when contributing your expertise to others.


  4. Satvik Jagannath on the 21st September

    @Editor Pooja,
    It was my job to do it!
    Not to be mentioned!

    This site’s WORK is AWESOME!

    • Pooja Lohana on the 21st September

      Satvik, Thank YOU! 🙂


  5. Terrence on the 21st September

    Good Tips. You can run but you can not hide from social media @sendesignz

  6. Alejandro on the 27th September

    amazing tips, i am running a website-blog, and the major traffic is from the forums, these visitors will come again if you have good content like is mentioned in the article, thanks for this!

  7. Cheolsu on the 5th October

    Great tips! The power of Facebook (Likes), Google (+), twitter and digg should not be underestimated.

  8. Travelturkey on the 11th October

    Everyone needs traffic and your tips are great

  9. Sonny Lanorias on the 26th October

    Hi Jahn,

    Great post and awesome tips! Thanks for sharing. I think the last thing that I want to share is the power of having a tribe when using social media. When you have a tribe of like minded entrepreneurs sharing your content to their own social media network, it will boost your traffic by as much as 50% and that basically means leverage and thats why we’re here. Thanks again and keep up the good work!


  10. ani on the 5th December

    i am running a website-blog, and the major traffic is from the forums, these visitors will come again if you have good content like is mentioned in the article, thanks for this


  11. Oye AKD on the 7th December

    Thanks for the tips …u forgot to include link exchange btw websites ..they worked like a charm for my blog

  12. Selji Okita on the 27th May

    Thank you!

    I like your tips!

    1 more question: Does Google + and Facebook help SEO? I see G+ have dofollow my link and Facebook does not!

  13. femi on the 7th October

    traffic is always an issue regardless of what level of success you are enjoying . My favourite tip is the podcasting . Not done that yet .Thanks for the tips . Definitely useful in building your audience and getting more sales

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