5 Ways to Get Motivated on the Web

Everyone has days where the motivation to get things done is just not there. The desire to work, be productive and complete tasks is weak and we feel as if we’re just going through the motions.

While “off” days can happen to anyone, motivation is a major factor in our productivity and it is something that we can not ignore. Fortunately, if you find yourself in need of a lift, there are many destinations on the Web that you can go to get the inspiration you need to get moving again.

Here are five ways to get motivated online if you’re feeling a bit down.

TED Talks

TED is a non-profit organization that specializes in “ideas worth sharing” and focuses on technology, education and design, the three letters of its name.

What TED is best known for is its conferences where some of the world’s brightest minds come together to share what they are working on including inventions, research and more. Best of all, TED makes the presentations, more commonly referred to as “Ted Talks” available for free on their site.

The talks are short, usually under 20 minutes, but showcase some of the most mind-blowing discoveries and ideas. You can even sort the talks by “Rated jaw-dropping” to get only the most awe-inspiring and motivational talks on the site.

It’s very difficult to still feel unmotivated after seeing great people doing great things and much of the work showcased is nothing short of inspirational.

Motivational Blogs

There are many blogs that specialize in motivational stories and articles. These sites work to keep their content upbeat while engaging and provoking readers to think.

Motivational Memo is one such site is, which is written by Peter G. James Sinclair, which is a solid, regularly-updated site full of motivational stories.

Bootstrapper’s list of the 100 most motivational blog posts is also worth checking out for those who want something more immediate.

Motivational Posters

Motivational posters may be the source of office ridicule and may have been overused the point that demotivational posters have become a meme, there’s still something to be said for an inspiring image and message.

Motivational Posters has over 300 such posters for sale on their site and you can easily search and find one on the topic that you need. You can either browse and look at the various posters or, if you wish, purchase one for about $10 to $20 plus shipping.

It may not be a life-changing purchase, but it might be enough to get you out of a small funk.

Inspirational Quotes

Sometimes the words of others can be a great boost when you need a little extra motivation. Fortunately, throughout history great men and women have imparted pearls of wisdom on this topic and their quotes have been passed around ever since.

Inspirational Quotes is a site that has collected many of those quotes in one place. Organized by category, the site is basically a list of motivational sayings and quotes from some of history’s biggest figures.

Some other great quote sites include All Great Quotes and Motivating Quotes. Though none of these sites are the prettiest available, they all have quotes that may be just what you need.

Forums and Communities

Based on your field and what you need motivation to do, the best place to get inspiration may be from within your own community. For example, if you’re needing motivation to hit the gym, Bodybuilding.com has a great motivational stories section to get you in the spirit.

By visiting community, forum and other sites where those in your field interact, you can exchange ideas, connect with other like-minded people and feed off the excitement of others.

Sometimes, the best way to get motivated is to simply get connected and let your colleagues give you the lift that you need.


All in all, the web can be a very depressing place at times, especially when it comes to public comments. But that depression can easily be countered by the good that the Web can do just by providing a sense of community and a means to find out the great things others are doing or have done.

If you’re struggling with low motivation, simply seek out some of the web’s more uplifting offerings, it may be just the thing to pull you out of your funk.


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This post was written by Lior Levin who is a marketing consultant to a company that developed a Jquery RSS tool, and he also works with Ily, the family phone company.


  1. TrafficColeman on the 22nd December

    The thought of living on the streets keep me motivated and the thought of working an 9 to 5 which is for the birds..this is what keeps me pushing forward.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  2. Bryce Christiansen on the 22nd December

    I appreciate the list. I especially like TED. They always have interesting presentations on such a wide variety of topics. I can see why it made the list.

  3. ekonov on the 22nd December

    wow.. great conclusion..
    some one need to find their passion for online so they can’t stop surfing and creating..

  4. Matt on the 22nd December

    Workawesome is a great place to come and get motivated!

  5. Peter G. James Sinclair on the 26th December

    Thank you so much Lior for the mention in your wonderful post. Another great one is motivational books. I’ve just put up a list of 1’5 Books That Destroyed My ‘Mediocre’ Life’ on my blog.

  6. Nathan DeGrave on the 31st August

    This is awesome Lior! I love how you spent time putting all of these resources into one post. Makes it super easy

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