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The 4 Personality Types: How to Appeal to Everyone

We are snowflakes—unique, special, no two of us the same. In the era of personalization, when shopping habits drive recommendations and your phone knows you as well as your family, uniqueness takes on added importance. Special people like us deserve and expect special attention for something as basic as building relationships, talking shop, or good old-fashioned interacting.

But how do you customize a conversation for every single person you know? A great place to start is by understanding personalities.

Studies have determined that there are four major personality types:

  • Assertive
  • Amiable
  • Expressive
  • Analytical

These personality types go by many different names (Competitive, Spontaneous, Humanistic, Methodical), acronyms (DISC), and even animals (Lion, Otter, Golden Retriever, Beaver). No matter how you label them, the four styles cover just about everyone. Your personality is likely one of the four or could be a blend of two or more. Click Here to Read Article …

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9 Ways to Increase Efficiency in Your Company

Increase Efficiency

In order to reach their goals, some businesses ask their employees to work longer hours. While this is necessary in some cases, you may consider an alternative approach: finding ways to be more efficient with the time you have. Smart work can increase productivity more than hard work. Regardless of your businesses product or service, there are many ways to increase efficiency.

Consider the following 9 points: Click Here to Read Article …

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Be Self-Employed & Smart: Know Your Insurance Options

Insurance options

Congratulations! You are one of the estimated 42 million Americans who has managed to escape the corporate treadmill and have found success in a partnership or sole proprietorship, or perhaps even as a contractor or freelancer.  You’ve found that there are plenty of perks being your own boss and having more control of your day-to-day duties when you are self-employed. You are also likely able to spend more quality time with your spouse and family members.

But you also realize there are some slight disadvantages in the situation. For one, you are the one ultimately responsible for your own successes and failures. Not only that, but you also recognize you are very likely taking on some additional financial responsibilities that may have previously been covered by a previous employer – many of which fall outside your standard office expenses. I’m talking about things like knowing all your insurance options such as retirement/401k options, health insurance, and life insurance. Click Here to Read Article …

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How to Manage Time Better

Manage time

With so many hardware and software tools available at one’s disposal these days, many of us are of the view that these technology tools distract and hamper time spent on more productive activities.

However, this view represents only on side of the issue. One can efficiently manage time by leveraging the power of technology and use some of the great tools to simplify and organize life at work and on the personal front. Click Here to Read Article …

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How to Sleep When Your Stressors Keep You Awake

Stress and sleep don’t go together. After all, how often have you gone home, exhausted and eager to rest yet feeling overwhelmed by the number of tasks and problems that remain unachieved and unsolved? How to sleep when stress keeps us awake?

I admit that this happens to me often, especially during the peak of the workweek. Despite the fact that my body has been screaming for sleep, I just can’t do it, because my mind refuses to stop thinking about the things that I still have to do. A part of me even feels guilty about wanting to spend the time to sleep, instead of using it to finish any of my tasks. Click Here to Read Article …

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5 Ways to Know You Need More Life Balance

There are books and websites and TV shows that claim to teach the secrets to living a life of balance. With the madness of everyday life, achieving a “balanced life” has become the dream that every adult strives for. Being the best you can be without breaking a sweat.

It’s become the “have it all” of the 21st century: Excelling at work, raising brilliant and well-behaved kids, pursuing high education to move up in your career and keeping an exciting and loving relationship with a spouse. Of course, taking on every aspect of your life is a recipe for failure, and will stress you out even more. Click Here to Read Article …

Organize Your Life with 7 Best Websites

Staying organized is one of the major tenets of having successful and productive day. Some of us have inherent organizational skills, but most of us require additional help. In fact, we all suffer a lot of stress which could be avoided if we organize our life.

7 Websites to Help You Organize Your Life

Fortunately, the Internet provides help in the form of websites. Click Here to Read Article …

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7 Effective Ways to Achieve Goals

As I was cleaning out my desk drawer recently, I came upon a list of goals I had written years ago (yeah, it’s been a while since I last cleaned out my desk).

Looking over the list, I realized that I had not accomplished much of what was on it. Not only that, but the items on this list weren’t even on my radar any more. I kept looking and found list after list of things I wanted to accomplish but never got around to achieving them.

I stopped looking for more and tried to figure out why I gave up on these goals. I didn’t like the answer I came up with, but I think it applies to a lot of people. Most people, in fact: Click Here to Read Article …

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