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Why I Use a Leather Day Planner Instead of a Smartphone

When I meet another person who carries around a monthly planner that is made out of (gasp) paper I get positively giddy. Despite my most recent post on dumbphones, I’m not against technology. But when it comes to certain things (monthly planners included), I gravitate towards the tactile.

I have carried around a paper planner since college. For four years spanning the late 1990s and early 2000s, my every move was cataloged in that thing. When papers were due, my work schedule, important phone numbers, a list of books I wanted to read — among other things. My planner had pockets where I kept stamps, an address book, and a handy 6-inch ruler that I rarely used…but always appreciated.

My good friend Annie is the only other person I know who loves a paper planner the way I do. I knew we would be friends instantly when she pulled it out one day to check her schedule. We also love writing letters, receiving mail, and expensive stationery. Her thoughts on her planner are aligned with mine:

“It’s easy to use and it’s harder to misplace than a smaller, electronic device.”

You’d think we were in our late 70s — instead of our early 30s.
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Tom’s Planner: Gantt Charts for Everyone

Gantt charts are incredibly helpful scheduling tools, but the problem is making them. Programs like Microsoft Project tend to be clunky and ugly. Tom’s Planner aims to solve that problem by being colorful and easy to use.

Ease of Use

Tom’s Planner is super-easy to use. I know just about any app will tell you that it is “easy to use,” but Tom’s Planner means it. With Tom’s Planner, there are two main things you need to know in order to use it:

  • Drag and Drop Simplicity
  • “The Magic is in the Right Click”

Once you get those two concepts down, you’re pretty much ready to go.
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5 Online Meeting Planner Software Solutions

If you are looking to quickly organize a meeting with colleagues, or may be meetup with old pals on the weekend, the following web based meeting planner software solutions are worth taking a look at.


NeedtoMeet is a really cool online meeting scheduler and organizer. Create a meeting, send across a link to the attendees, they select the time that suits them and you can see what would be the best time when everyone could attend the meetup. Simple and easy. Click Here to Read Article …

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Top 4 Healthcare Careers Require Minimal Schooling

Anyone who understands the job market these days might be looking for the next career to put a paycheck in their pocket and also take care of the bills. However, if you need to go out and work in order to pay the bills, the last thing you can afford to do is to invest a handful of years (not to mention significant out of pocket costs) to get a degree.

An alternative option is to look into a program that can lead you to a better career with minimal schooling required. The good news is that the healthcare field is blossoming, and you could make the jump in a short amount of time. 

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4 Apps to Manage Your Time

Do you have a lot to do but find yourself unable to get as much done as you wanted?

If so, you might need some help with time management.

Time management skills aren’t something everyone has.

Some of us don’t do well with a schedule and often lose track of time.

With a little practice and some useful tools, you can learn to manage your time more effectively. By doing so, your life will become a lot easier and, overall, more enjoyable. Click Here to Read Article …

Is It Time For A Paradigm Shift In Marketing?

how to market an event

Problems can either destroy a business or an industry or give it insights on how to make positive changes.

Over time, these problem-solving insights tend to accumulate.

When they reach a certain threshold, this leads to innovation.

Then, over a longer period of time these innovations pile up.

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6 Ways to Stay Fit in College

staying healthy

While in college, you will have certain demands on your time: parties, dating, friends, and, of course, school work. However, just because you’re studying and partying every day doesn’t mean that you can neglect your body.

In fact during college, when you are likely to be consuming copious amounts of alcohol and unhealthy food, you need to make sure that you are remaining healthy.

Keeping fit while at college is extremely important, and so here are just a few tips for how you can make sure that you remain active without impeding your study time. Click Here to Read Article …

How to Organize Your Home Office

We tend to ignore organizing our home office until it’s too late. As time goes on, miscellaneous items stack up in layers all around you until one day, something disappears and you realize you’re due for a cleaning.

Staying organized is a big challenge, whether you clock in to work at an office or work from the kitchen table at home. A cluttered work environment is not only unappealing but even worse, can waste valuable time and energy and negatively affect your productivity.

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