DropMocks is the Best Online Image Sharing Tool Ever

I’m sure each one of you has had to share images online. There are umpteen ways to do that. Quickly attach it to an email and send, use a free image hosting site, use Flickr or Facebook….a lot of such methods exist. But none are as fast — and as good — as DropMocks.

You’ll be simply amazed at the efficiency of this tool once you use it. You just need to drag and drop images onto the box in the middle of its homepage — that’s it! Your image gets uploaded and the corresponding share link is generated. You could even put multiple images there and create a gallery. It does to images what BridgeURL does to links. Definitely a way to be more productive at online sharing activites.


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  1. Josh Arguello on the 3rd December

    …Have to install Firefox 4… which is still in Beta… ya no thanks.

  2. Jp on the 3rd December

    wow dropmocks.com is kind of a rip off of http://min.us

    Min.us was there before and the layouts are exactly the same… hmm

  3. Simon on the 3rd December

    i use http://www.min.us its the same and easy’er to type in the URL 🙂

  4. Brian McSweeney on the 3rd December

    Actually, minus is a ripoff of dropmock, as they explain in their blog (http://blog.min.us/2010/10/12/in-the-world-of-min-us)

    The post on HackerNews can be found at http://apps.ycombinator.com/item?id=1929010

  5. Shawn Hesketh on the 3rd December

    I’ve recently begun using CloudApp, which is about as simple as it gets. Don’t even have to go to a website to share files, and it can even auto-upload screenshots: http://www.getcloudapp.com/

  6. Colleen on the 9th December

    I much prefer the options of Dropbox http://www.dropbox.com/

  7. evilness on the 10th December

    safari is not supported

  8. Overdose on the 2nd February

    Amazing website, thanks for featuring it. It’s very useful.

  9. Steve on the 28th November

    I personally use http://www.pikture.net for images

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