20 Free PowerPoint Templates that Don’t Suck

Want to spice up your presentations a little? Tired of the same old “default” themes that Powerpoint brings along for the ride? Check out these 20 free Powerpoint templates that…well…don’t suck.

Not satisfied?

You can look for more free templates at these web sites (or if you’re game to design your own, here are some tips to keep in mind). If there are any sites that you like to use, don’t forget to post them in the comments section below!

  1. Presentations ETC
  2. Presentations Magazine
  3. TemplatesWise
  4. Templates Made Simple
  5. Free PowerPoint Templates
  6. OpenOffice
  7. PoweredTemplates

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  1. Glenda Worrell on the 9th June

    Thanks! Always happy to have a resource and find ways to “change it up.”

  2. Jony on the 9th June

    I am sorry, but these designs for a serious work presentation?

  3. WOW!

    I am speechless!

    These templates are too good to be free!

    I loved the first 9 Templates!

    I never knew about beautiful power point templates!

    Thank so much Muj!


  4. Haki on the 9th June

    To be honest, these are pretty ugly.
    Generic and overdone brushes and ugly effects.
    Bah, I want keynote templates for office.

    • Jadexa on the 26th July

      I agree they look like regular templates nothing special.

    • Raj on the 6th September

      Hi, you could try the ones on http://www.muezart.com for editable Keynote products like country maps, business diagrams and illustrations.

  5. Eric on the 9th June

    Thanks for sharing!
    The templates from Templateswise are beautiful and for serious work presentation !

  6. ShaKeeB on the 10th June

    it’s looks nice

    I’ll check it l8tr

    tnx alot

  7. silvia on the 18th June

    the one with a girl and pink flowers is the most horrible in the history of templates…

  8. Janette on the 19th June

    Thanks for the powerpoint template links . It is good to have something different

  9. clau on the 1st September

    thanks! I love the red one, is amazing…

    • Mark Thomson on the 15th July

      The templates look great and at first sight, you will not expect that you can avail them for free! The default templates available in Microsoft PowerPoint are too simple and color schemes seem boring. These 20 templates will surely pass the taste of every PowerPoint user all around the globe especially teenage girls and boys, music lovers, educators, and businessmen. I commend these templates for their simplicity. A good template like these should not have exaggerated designs and color schemes are not supposed to be too bright. The designs should not block most parts of the whole slide especially the center because this is where contents are usually placed.
      visit @ http://www.slideworld.com/

  10. Peter Mogensen on the 6th October

    Thanks for sharing!

  11. Beckie on the 17th November

    There are some really nice templates here, there is another site i know that gives away free templates aswell.

  12. shonaawebb on the 22nd November

    wow! these are awesome! i especially love the blossom tree one – i am OBSESSED with cherry trees and other candy pink stuff!! thankss these look great in my school work!

  13. Kate on the 9th March

    Thanks to TemplatesWise for this work! Very good designs!

  14. KP on the 26th April

    Thanks for this really nice collection 🙂
    I like to use http://www.24point0.com/shop/category/ppt-business-templates
    They have a good collection of business templates.

  15. Zirk on the 19th July

    Nice collection, thx for sharing. A couple of these templates are interesting indeed…

  16. PPT Template on the 21st July

    Thanks for all your help. very nice templates

  17. Beto on the 2nd August

    Hi, thanks. nice collection indeed. I used these templates in the past. Nowadays seems like a bit demode.
    FYI, Here is a free pack of 10 business templates, look at the bottom, there is a download link: http://www.free-power-point-templates.com/10-free-business-powerpoint-templates-pack/

  18. ishan on the 6th November

    i love all that

  19. chris on the 9th November

    Hi, nice collection, thank you! but these are for me more graphics inserted in a PPT document, with a relatively basic result… some really good templates I like/use are relased by Graphic River. Or you can find other interesting (free ;)) stuffs at: http://www.showeet.com

  20. Rizkip on the 22nd November

    where can i download these tamplate?

  21. ciciliu on the 26th November

    Thanks for the beautiful templates, i think these lovely templates.

  22. PPT2DVD on the 8th December

    dvd-ppt-slideshow.com: When you need to create presentations for my lectures at the university with PowerPoint, broke my head thinking of creative and original designs, we must not forget the incredible good effect of a Slide show.

  23. Download PowerPoint slides Free on the 27th December

    it is so easy to download powerpoint slides from the PPT Search Engine.

  24. Benj on the 8th January

    Err, actually they do suck. Design needs to suit the purpose and enhance the subject matter and I’d say that these would overwhelm most of the uses they were downloaded for. Rather keep it simple, look slick and focus on good content that backs up your presso. Each presso is individual.

  25. daxx on the 17th January

    Yeah, I agree with Benj. These are stock templates that suck way more than you think. A smart designer wouldnt use these at all when better ones are to be found or created.

    These suck big.

  26. lalar on the 21st January


  27. Sanjeeb Sahu on the 23rd January

    Amazing collection. It is very helpful for template design.

  28. Rich on the 14th February

    Here are some for spceial occasions http://www.templateready.com/Powerpoint/Free/Templates.html

  29. suresh subbu on the 22nd February

    this is all good………….but update too often

  30. Kanta on the 28th February

    Look very cool. But how to get these ?

  31. vasanta on the 5th March

    its very good website

  32. fysisoft on the 9th April

    really stunning….thanks for sharing

  33. JOrdan Wixom on the 18th April

    I thought these were supposed to be good but they all suck eagle balls

  34. KSRM Prince on the 15th May

    This PPT templates are awesome…. I like this….

  35. Blola on the 24th May

    Are you kidding me?! These are hideous!!!

    ugly ugly ugly UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. james on the 10th June

    Hi, thank you for your sharing template presentations
    Here is another great presentation service

  37. Stoney on the 5th July

    I love the arrogant critics. It is amazing how many clueless people there are in this world. Different people like and need different templates for different presentations. And often in a hurry.
    If you are so wonderful, build your own.
    Grow up children.

  38. emille on the 9th July

    Thanx a lot. It really helps me in my research presentation.

  39. engineerblogs.net on the 28th August

    thanks for sharing, engineerblogs.net,very nice

  40. ice on the 2nd September

    thank you

  41. John on the 4th September

    Actually, all of these do pretty much suck. If you want a flashy background that takes the focus away from the actual presentation, then go for it. Tired of seeing these overly busy templates that serve no purpose.

  42. Eko Indonesia on the 17th September

    Theses are wonderful..
    Don’t listen to the people who say otherwise..

  43. eri on the 7th October

    awasome free template, but do you have any animated ones..?

  44. Dick on the 14th October

    WOW!!! These really do suck.

  45. xiaoxiao on the 1st November

    but how can i download these templates?

  46. Sergio on the 3rd December

    First of all please let me thank you for your useful post.

    Since we’ve changed our domain name from poweredtemplates.com to poweredtemplate.com I kindly ask you to change it in your post as well.

    Thank you in advance.

  47. Matt on the 28th January

    Hello, thank you for this sample… but to be honest, these are not very professional… These are quite basic…

    We are a team of passionate Powerpoint graphic designers, you can visit our website to see sample of our work here:

    Thank you,


  48. Er on the 29th January

    These are not usable for professional use. The layout is poor. There is a large imbalance of white to non-white space. Most of the themes are impractical for anything short of a high school presentation. The color balance and palate is off which will make text difficult to read or an eye strain. Many of the slides are not clean and look slapped together.

  49. Nikki on the 29th January

    They may not suck necessarily, but people who need professional Powerpoint templates won’t be able to do much with these (no offense). Beyond high school, Powerpoint presentations start getting SERIOUS! Especially in the workplace. I need clean, minimalist style templates with charts, graphs, timelines, and stuff. And I’m willing to pay!

  50. John on the 6th February

    Actually, most of those suck, unless you’re a high school or college student that doesn’t understand how to create professional presentations. If you want the oooo’s and aaaah’s over the pretty backgrounds, go for it. A professional template is clean and simple.

  51. Julian on the 6th May

    Even if I liked so much these resources I agree with Nikki that people who need professional PowerPoint templates won’t be able to do much with these. However, I don’t feel you’d need to spend money purchasing costly templates. Instead I’d suggest to take a look at http://slidehunter.com that is a free resource to download PowerPoint templates and diagrams. Most of them can be used in business presentations as well, and are free.

    Another good resource to share presentations online is http://slideonline.com it is an alternative to other sharing websites like AuthorStream or SlideShare but with no advertising.

  52. Shane on the 27th July

    for simple yet relevant templates for school powerpoint presentations, office powerpoint, and medical powerpoint presentations I always use FPPT’s free powerpoint templates. While for business powerpoint presentations, I now pick SlideHunter business powerpoint templates for reports and business proposals. Guaranteed free templates for powerpoint that don’t suck!

  53. paradis on the 4th August

    it is very good for me.for my powerpoint school.thank you for your web

  54. Donovan Farrell on the 23rd September

    Tremendous! Free templates that don’t suck – awesome! 🙂 Once you find that template, then it’s time to design and write content like a rock star. Don’t forget that your prospect wants to talk about themselves, not you. Don’t fill the presentation with stuff about you!

  55. sunsan on the 7th January

    thanks for sharing!

  56. Julien on the 16th November

    Thank you for these PowerPoint template resources. Actually you have other several alternatives that worth a look. Google it, and I am pretty sure you could find everything you need for free to help you. http://www.presentationgo.com is definitely a good starting point…

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