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5 Productivity Tools for the Busy Freelancer

5 Productivity Tools for the Busy Freelancer

Do you struggle for productivity? I, for one, find it hard to stay focused and productive all the time. It is often easy to lose focus with a ton of buzzing social networks all around us. But the good news is there are tricks and tools to overcome distractions and constantly stay on track of productivity.

Here are 5 great apps I am using every day to efficiently manage my time online. They all help me to get tasks done faster than before. What’s more, their interface and design is super slick so finding your way around these tools shouldn’t take long. Click Here to Read Article …

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WorkAwesome Wins UK Design Award!

We’re pleased to announce that WorkAwesome has been selected as the winner of the UK Design Award for March 2011. The UK Design Awards select their website of the month based on a number of factors, notably the design and execution of the site.

A few months ago, our website design was called “enchanting” by Guy Kawasaki (who knows something about enchantment; he’s recently written a book on the subject). We’re happy to see that he’s not the only one!

Here’s what the UDA had to say about WorkAwesome:

Work Awesome is an online resource for people who want to improve at work. Packed with useful articles on how to improve your work productivity, the site caters for a wide range of industries. As well as providing essential gems of information, the site is designed in an incredibly user friendly way, allowing users to navigate easily and find the right info for them. A more than worthy winner!

We’d like to thank the UDA for their consideration. A big thanks also goes out to the design team at Envato who helped put the design of the site together, to all of our contributors who augment the design with great content and to all of our readers — you’re who we’re doing it for!

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9 Big, Bold Designer PowerPoint Templates

Putting together a memorable presentation is very challenging work. You want it to stand out and resonate with your audience, and it’s hard enough to put together all of the information in a cohesive manner without having to worry about design. That’s why a lot of presentations end up being far less than what they really could have been. It’s like having a choice between opening a gift wrapped in fancy wrapping paper compared to one wrapped in newsprint. The shiny object always seems to win out.
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Verify from ZURB Helps Test Out Design Ideas

ZURB is one of the workplaces that we recently featured at WorkAwesome, and one of the things that they are known for is their slew of applications designed to help people become more awesome at what they do.  Today ZURB has launched a new service named Verify, which allows basically anyone putting together a web product or site – the ability to get user feedback on what they put out on the web. Click Here to Read Article …

28 Creative PowerPoint and Keynote Presentation Designs

There’s a certain art to putting together a solid presentation and PowerPoint and Keynote are the primary tools of the trade.  The “art” comes into play when you’re trying to set yourself apart; so how you use the tools is of great importance.  Often it is the design of the presentation itself that does the trick.  In an effort to help you put together a great-looking presentation, here are 28 examples of creative presentation designs using Powerpoint and Keynote:

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20 Free PowerPoint Templates that Don’t Suck

Want to spice up your presentations a little? Tired of the same old “default” themes that Powerpoint brings along for the ride? Check out these 20 free Powerpoint templates that…well…don’t suck. Click Here to Read Article …

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PechaKucha: Your Unofficial Exhibit

I only recently learned about PechaKucha, a non-profit organization in Japan that started as a way to give voice to designers and which has turned into the everyday person’s outlet to present, well, anything.  On a PechaKucha Night, as one of their presentation gatherings is called, a few presenters will show anything from their first grade art project to their latest high tech web design work and the only presentation rule is the 20×20 format: 20 slides of 20 seconds each. Click Here to Read Article …

PowerPoint Revolution: 21st Century Design

In a previous article, I reviewed several common PowerPoint designs used in corporate meeting rooms around the world today, and what you can do to improve on them. But now, let’s aim higher. After all, we’re professionals. We should look and act like them, even behind closed conference room doors. It’s time we dragged our presentations into the 21st century. Let the Revolution begin! Click Here to Read Article …

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