A Guide to Evernote Trunk

I mentioned Evernote in my post on tools for productive online writing and I am sure almost all of you have heard about it – if not used it. It is probably the best note-taking software out there.

Just a few days back, Evernote announced a new section on their site called ‘The Trunk’. Being a long time user of the tool, I was immediately interested in knowing what it was all about and hence decided to check it out. This article sums up what I’ve discovered about this new offering from the folks at Evernote.

What is Evernote Trunk?

Evernote Trunk is basically a neatly organized collection of apps and tools built by third-party developers using Evernote’s API. It’s like Apple’s App Store or like the collection of Facebook apps built using Facebook’s API.

There’s one unique thing about Evernote Trunk though. The product range showcased includes hardware stuff too. There are sections called ‘Hardware’ and ‘Gear’ that talk about physical tools cameras and printers that work with Evernote.

App Categories

Now, lets see what are the categories under which Evernote has organized all these apps and tools. There are almost 100 items, mind you. It’s a very comprehensive collection for Evernote enthusiasts.


Evernote works on all kinds of cellphones. It has apps for iPhone, Android, iPad and other smartphones. Hence, there’s bound to be a section dedicated to mobile users in the trunk. It features all kinds of different mobile apps and add-ons.

You’ll find apps like iNews that can quickly send an item from your mobile RSS feed reader to Evernote, Seesmic to save items from Twitter and Facebook to Evernote, and many more.

Desktop & Web

The Desktop & Web section, as the name suggests, features various Evernote related desktop tools and web applications.

And there are some pretty interesting apps here too. Like Scandrop that can scan documents and transfer them directly to your Evernote account, Nitro PDF Reader for saving PDF documents to Evernote, and many such nifty tools.


Now we come to Hardware. As I mentioned earlier, the Hardware section showcases some of the physical tools like printers, scanners etc that could make the job of importing notes directly into Evernote easier.

This section lists Evernote compatible hardware from major vendors like Canon, Fujitsu, Nokia and Sony. One very interesting tool in this category I came across lets you wirelessly send pictures from your digicam to Evernote. It’s known as Eye-Fi.


If you are big fan of Evernote then you’d love the Gear section. It features all kinds of Evernote branded accessories and tools you could make use of.

There’s the Evernote starter pack, Evernote essentials guide, stickers, all kinds of t-shirts, wallpapaer pack, premium notepad, a podcast to listen and much more.


Finally, we’ve got a section named Notebooks. It’s an interesting category to say the least. You’ll find some familiar names in this section, like Make magazine and Cool Hunting.

What Evernote has done is that it has partnered with some of these publications to create customized content for Evernote users. So, basically, you can import these notebooks to your account and get customized content delivered right inside your Evernote. And they include some really cool stuff. Like, the Make: Projects Home and Garden notebook adds a bunch of DIY projects to your account. On the other hand, the Cool Hunting Travel Notebook comes with a number of essential travel tips.

How to Get Them Into Your Evernote?

Right, so now that you are tempted to try out some of these cool apps in the Trunk, you’d be wondering how to access them. Well it’s pretty simple actually. If you are using the latest version of Evernote on Windows or Mac, you should be prompted to update and once you do, you will see a ‘Trunk’ on the toolbar from where you can get direct access to the all those applications.

For those who prefer to use Evernote on the web, well, just sign in to your account and you’ll see the Trunk link present already, right on top. Click on it and start trying the apps, especially from the ‘Notebooks’ section.

As you can see, this new suite of tools from Evernote has to offer augments an already great note taking solution. If you are an Evernote user, I’d love to hear what you have to say about it.

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  1. GTD Wannabe on the 30th July

    Not to be a downer, but it’s awful. Waste of toolbar space. The idea of a place to go find stuff is fine, but why so in your face, and with a pretty ugly Flintstones icon?

    Some of the apps (e.g., for ipod touch) I had already found. I tried a couple of new ones (free versions at least) and was extremely disappointed by the quality. I won’t be going back to the trunk any time soon.

  2. Luce on the 2nd August

    I love Evernote!
    Just a shame I didn’t find a version for my nokia E71!!

    As for Evernote Trunk, I like the concept! And the content will eventually get better, no worries 🙂

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