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WorkAwesome Podcast: Episode 4 – Brett Kelly

This week’s podcast features an interview with Brett Kelly of Bridging the Nerd Gap and author of the popular ebook, Evernote Essentials. Brett has been a part of the productivity scene on the web for years now, with a myriad of blogs and projects to his credit. Brett and WorkAwesome editor Mike Vardy discuss the use of Evernote in terms of a productive workflow, what features of Evernote often go under-utilized and what he feels is the best coffee maker there is.

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A Guide to Evernote Trunk

I mentioned Evernote in my post on tools for productive online writing and I am sure almost all of you have heard about it – if not used it. It is probably the best note-taking software out there.

Just a few days back, Evernote announced a new section on their site called ‘The Trunk’. Being a long time user of the tool, I was immediately interested in knowing what it was all about and hence decided to check it out. This article sums up what I’ve discovered about this new offering from the folks at Evernote. Click Here to Read Article …

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