Teamly: A Project Management App that Focuses on Priorities

If you’re anything like me, a good chunk of your day is spent staring at your to-do list, trying to figure out what is of highest priority and what to do next. After 20 minutes, you then end up just picking something random and hoping for the best.

Enter Teamly– a project management tool based on priorities. Teamly allows you to set 5 priorities on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.


Teamly takes priorities VERY seriously. In fact, the entire Dashboard revolves around them. When you log-in, you’re priorities are broken down by day, week, and month — and everything is color-coded. Red is new tasks, Yellow is started, and Green is completed. This allows you to easily know what the status of each priority is at a glance.

You can easily go forward or back in time to see what you’ve accomplished and what’s coming up. You can also easily re-order your priorities and attach priorities to a specific date.

Statistics and Reports

Teamly has a detailed statistics page that allows you to see what you have accomplished and when. Very helpful for determining your peak times for productivity.
Teamly allows you to generate reports based on completed priorities for both you and your team. Perfect for doing either personal or employee reviews.



Yes, there is a place to store your tasks that aren’t top priorities. Teamly has a Tasks tab right next to the Priorities tab where you can add tasks and have team members suggest tasks for you to do. From there, you can either promote the tasks to a priority or leave them on the task page and work on them once your high-priority tasks are taken care of.



The “Team” tab allows you to track what your team’s priorities and tasks are. The default view shows all activity in real time, but you can check individual team members or see an overall picture of the group.


Email Integration

Email integration is important to most people. While email integration is not yet available, Teamly’s homepage lists it as “Coming Soon.”


Mobile access is becoming increasing important-especially with more and more virtually teams. While there’s not yet a mobile optimized version, Teamly’s tour page lists it as “Coming Soon.”


Teamly is free for one user. After that, Teamly is a reasonable $8/user/month. No contracts are needed — you pay on a monthly basis.

Overall, if you’re looking for a clean-looking project management app to not just manage your team’s tasks but also your team’s priorities, Teamly is worth giving a look.

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Leslie A. Joy is a marketing assistant, process manager, analytics geek, and blogger, along with being a social media strategist for DSGNR Unlimited. You can find out more at her site, Social Media Mercenary.


  1. Paul Sanderson on the 14th February

    As a person that is always involved in large projects I’m always looking for ways to prioritize my teams day. I think this could be a huge help. Thanks for the post.

  2. David Hartstein on the 15th February

    Thanks for the tip Leslie. We are always looking for new applications to help streamline our efficiency. Looking forward to check this out.

  3. Nicole Terranella on the 16th February

    I like teamly, but it would be great if I could add deadlines to my tasks as a way to recognize what needs to be prioritized

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