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Pen & Paper: Better Than All Things Digital

Why am I using this paper notebook for notetaking? It may surprise those of you who have been following my work here, especially since I’m one of the biggest cheerleaders for digital publishing and blogging. Sure enough, my messenger bag carries three digital devices for reading, writing and entertainment. But mixed in with my iPod, Droid cellphone and MacBook Pro is a Moleskine notebook: black cover, ruled sheets, pocket in the back.

Why You Need a Notebook

It’s like collecting puzzle pieces. Use your notebook to store the pieces. Then put them together when you have time. And you’re going to need less time than you think if you keep a good notebook.

Also, the fact you’re taking notes will help you retain the information. You may not need to refer to your notebook as much as you think because your memory for the noted information is better.
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How Digital Devices Detour You from Thinking Clearly

My new smart phone is one of my coolest productivity tools. While I’m anywhere, I can talk on the phone and check my e-mail. Or read a blog. Or play a game. It takes multitasking to a whole new level.

This has to make me super productive.

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