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6 Eco-Friendly Tips for Your Office

There are lots of things that businesses can do to reduce the carbon footprint that they stamp on the environment. Here are six top tips to make any office more eco-friendly.

1. Go Green

Green isn’t just the colour of money; you can buy green too!

As well as recycling used materials it is also important that you buy back recycled products to complete the recycling life cycle. What is the point in separating papers from plastics if you then go on to buy new products that are made from raw materials? Click Here to Read Article …

An Organized Office = Organized Brain and Business

Organized Office

A few years ago I landed a job working for the writer-directors of a movie. They were young, laid back, creative guys, and tended to be a bit messy and disorganized with their own office and work. As a consequence, I modeled myself after them and let my own workspace overflow with — well, let’s just call it inspiration.

Instead of filing things away and keeping my area clean and shiny, I had piles of artwork and paperwork stacked on the desk, under the desk, in boxes. At first it was because I was genuinely too busy to get to it, and I’d come into the position in the middle of production, with lots of work already there that I had nothing to do with. Later, I rationalized that I more or less knew where things were and that having everything out meant that it was easier to access. Yeah, not so much. Click Here to Read Article …

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