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6 Ways to Get More From Your Commute Time

According to the United States Census Bureau survey, Americans spend more than 100 hours a year commuting to work. Australians don’t fare much better, as the average daily commute time ranges from 22 minutes up to 35 minutes. And if the infamous opening scene from Office Space is any indication, most workers don’t enjoy weaving in and out of traffic (or being crammed into a public transportation, as the case may be). Click Here to Read Article …

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What Are Your Must-Read Blogs?

Most of our information these days seems to come directly from the web.  There are “traditional” news sites such as The Guardian and CNN as well as print media that have integrated (or even fully migrated) their print edition with their online presence such as the New York Times or Wired Magazine.

And then there’s blogs.

Blogs can really narrow down things for readers.  They can focus on one specific topic (or one specific mission) and have large readership on a daily basis because of it.  Niche blogs are popping up all over the web, and there seems to be no sign of this stopping anytime soon.  Bloggers are now being touted as journalists as well – something that would have been unheard of perhaps even as recently as a year ago.

Which blogs are on your “must-read” list? What’s on your RSS reader? Do you read a variety of blogs or do you focus on one or two areas of interest?  Let us know in the comments. Click Here to Read Article …

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What Books Help You Be Productive?

There are numerous self-development and productivity titles out there to choose from.  Starting with works by David Allen (Getting Things Done, Making It All Work) to Stephen Covey (The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, The 8th Habit) to Neil Fiore (The Now Habit), there are different viewpoints and models that you can refer to when looking to increase your  productivity.

Some books you may have read may just inspire you to be more productive or are particular to your passion (Twyla Tharp’s The Creative Habit would be an example).

What books have you read that helped you out?  What authors inspire you to improve?  What books would you like to read that could help you even more?  Let us know in the comments. Click Here to Read Article …

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To Read or To Listen?

Thanks to the dawn of “The eBook Era,” reading is becoming more accessible (if not necessarily more popular – thanks still to television).  If you have an iPad or Kindle (or one of the many eReaders in the marketplace) or simply use another mobile device, ebooks are literally in the palm of your hands.  These devices allow the user to carry a catalog of books that would fill a backpack (and then some!), making it easy to carry around whatever books you’d like to have at your disposal.

But what about audiobooks?

Formerly known as “books on tape” these are still popular in that you can absorb the story while driving or commuting in some other fashion.  If you’re exercising you can have them at the ready on your MP3 player of choice.  Basically, they fill a similar gap as podcasts – only they’re a “tad” longer.

Productivity and self-development books are massively popular in both formats.  You can even buy them in (gasp!) actual printed book form should you choose to.  In terms of brushing up on these skills and systems, which do you prefer – reading or listening…or a combination of all formats? Click Here to Read Article …

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