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Time Management—Taking Stock of Your Most Precious Commodity

Time management

If you’ve been entrusted to manage a valuable commodity—whether it’s the company’s finances, the merchandise in your shop, or your own income—you start by taking stock of what you have to work with. Where and how are the resources being generated, spent, saved, and squandered? Is it possible to appropriate them more effectively? Where are the silent leaks? It doesn’t have to be any different with time, our most valuable commodity. Time management is one of the most important activities when it comes to work.

Whatever value we place on money, investments, or merchandise, it is that resource of hours and minutes that’s most elusive. Click Here to Read Article …

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Stress from Business Travel: How to Avoid it

If your job has you on the road, you have to be on the ball about taking care of yourself, otherwise a few months into a heavy business travel circuit will leave you baggy eyed, flabby, and exhausted, with a messy apartment on top of it. You can beat the stress and maintain optimum health and sanity by recognizing the common business travel pitfalls, and then learning how to avoid them. Click Here to Read Article …

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Working from Home? How to Stay Sane

Working from Home? How to Stay Sane

Though many people dream of working designing their own work schedule and getting projects done in their pajamas, working from home isn’t always a picnic. Yet, if you have taken the telecommuter option or have embarked upon a home-based business, here are a few tips to keep you sane, thriving, and productive on the home front.

Set Up Your Working Space

Though the basement level of your home may seem like the ideal place to set up your home office, if there’s no sunlight and it’s cold and musty, chances are you won’t be very productive there. The kitchen table isn’t a great option either—constant traffic and homework mixed in with your work files doesn’t contribute to your productivity. Click Here to Read Article …

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6 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Commute

The daily commute to and from work can be a drag. Given the state of the job market, some workers are commuting more than an hour a day. But let’s get this: Our ride time shouldn’t necessarily be our dead time.

6 Ways to Make Most Out of Your Commute

Despite what many think, long, dull commutes can be made interesting and productive. Here are six tips on how to increase your productivity en route and make the most of your commute to work: Click Here to Read Article …

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Smart Ways to Get Outside the Office

You know about the push to go green, get outside into nature, and hug your fellow trees. But is it really worth it? Does too much time spent within four walls really lead to a disorder?

Experts have defined it—there is such a thing as Nature Deficit Disorder. Though Nature Deficit Disorder, the result of a cultural trend towards everything indoors, has been cited as a possible explanation for hyperactivity disorders in children, common sense would suggest that if kids are bearing the negative brunt of too much walled-in screen time, you could be too. Click Here to Read Article …

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