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4 Strategies for Writing a Cover Letter that Persuades, Compels, and Positions

writing a cover letter

Writing the perfect cover letter that screams “call me” takes practice — a lot of practice. After having reviewed and written tens of thousands of resumes and cover letters, I can verify that for the right candidate a well-written resume and cover letter could open a world of opportunities.

Unfortunately, many job seekers do not take this aspect of their job search campaign very seriously. Worse still, some choose to follow unreliable advice from well-meaning — but ill-informed — supporters and create career documents that damage the future of an otherwise promising career. Click Here to Read Article …

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Top Three Mistakes that Keep You Unemployed

Top Three Mistakes that Keep You Unemployed

Technically, there are hundreds of ways to sabotage (literally) a job search campaign, but for the purpose of this discussion, I will restrict myself to three common mistakes most job seekers make that keep them unemployed.

Over the past few months, I have observed a steady and measurable increase in the number of candidates finding “meaningful” employment opportunities. This is certainly a refreshing change from the horrendous unemployment stories we have heard since the 2008 Financial Debacle. Though positive, the outlook for the economy is still volatile and everything that goes into a job search campaign must be perfected to the nth degree. Click Here to Read Article …