Maximize Your Android Cell Phone Battery Life

No matter how great and feature-rich a phone is, once the battery goes down, it is as good as the toy you bought your kid for a few bucks. It is no surprise that most of the modern phones can’t boast of the battery power our good old phones, sans all the multi-media features, used to have.

So, if you’ve got a shiny new Android phone and love playing with it, it’d be a prudent to step to acquaint yourself with some tips that could maximize its battery life. The How-to Geek blog has a comprehensive article that should help you with the process. Check out the following guide to Android cell phone battery life extension.

Complete Guide to Maximizing Your Android Phone’s Battery Life

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  1. It’s a shame more tips were not given out here, rather than having to go off to some other site. It all depends what you do with your phone, of course. If you’re watching a lot of videos, going online and even playing Angry Birds a lot, your battery isn’t going to last too long.

  2. Mark on the 7th September

    I work at Best Buy and after people buy a cell phone they come back in a few weeks and say it is slow. But like James said it’s usually because of all the apps that have been downloaded. All those extra files don’t just slow it down but they burn batteries. Ironically there are apps that actually help you keep your battery full. They shut down unused apps and dim the screen.

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