Awesome Links #11: Google Contacts, Morning Routine, Frugality, Small Workspace

How to Find Enough Time to Do Everything You Want

The Dumb Little Man blog explains how to utilize the time we’ve got and make the most out of it.

Productivity Tip: Google Contacts Keyboard Shortcuts

Google Contacts was updated recently and keyboard shortcuts were introduced. Web Worker Daily lists all of them in this article.

Increasing Creativity and Productivity with Your Morning Routine

Our sister site Freelance Switch suggests some morning routine changes to enhance creativity. Do browse through the comments to see what everyone else has been trying.

48 Things Frugality Has Taught Me

A great article by Trent from The Simple Dollar on what he has learnt by being frugal. Some useful nuggets of wisdom there.

How to Make the Most of a Small Workspace

If you’ve got a small workspace, this article by Lifehacker is a must-read.

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