Awesome Links #26: Chrome Web Store, Early Rising, Wunderlist iPhone App

This week we had a lot of links to sift through — but we’ve come up with some awesome ones regarding some of the news Google announced recently, how to get up in the morning without stimulants (although we do like our coffee) and the recently discussed Wunderlist taking its show to the mobile platform.

Chrome Web Store
Google gave a headstart to its much-awaited and ambitious Chrome OS project by unveiling the Chrome web store. Currently, except for some apps, most of the other apps are nothing but bookmarks of their official sites. But that shouldn’t stop you from trying them out. The Chrome web store is a sign of things to come.

How to Wake Up in the Morning Without Stimulants
If you are one of the lucky few who enjoy a hassle-free and consistent sleep and wake-up schedule then congrats, you are more productive than 95% of those who follow this site, and hence you can skip this point. For the rest of us, this article at Lifehacker offers a no nonsense guide to blast out of bed each morning. Check it out.

10 Awesome Safe For Work Websites To Overcome Lunchtime Boredom
The MakeUseof blog has a nice list of sites that can help office goers avoid getting bored during lunchtime (and avoid feeling sleepy after a heavy lunch). Those who work from home could also use some of these fun and interesting sites for the same purpose.

Wunderlist iPhone App
Remember we talked about Wunderlist, the uber cool task management tool for Windows and Mac? Well, if you loved the tool, you’d love its iPhone app too. Launched just 2 days ago, this app which works on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, has a neat design and user interface. And like the main tool, this is free too.

8 iPad Apps for Brilliant Writing
Finally, we’ve got Copyblogger listing 8 apps for the iPad to help you become a better writer. Considering the recent rise of iPad and its inevitable ubiquity like the iPhone, you might as well train yourself to get your writing done on it, like you do on your computer.

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